Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Few Thoughts Here and There

Dancing with the Scars went very well. We love going to Foundry Methodist Church events. This is our second time to be at their women's event for Christmas. We were warmly welcomed from the moment we hit the room. Afterwards, we were able to visit with several of the women who attended and it is humbling to realize that God uses our silliness to bring laughter and a moment's happiness from the stress of life. It is always fun when we can ad-lib off our script and have a fun time with the audience. We are doing our Getting Ready for the Holidays for the UBA staff Christmas party on Friday night. We are looking forward to it as well.

Today, we had an ED staff Christmas tree decorating party. Lots of fun putting up the tree. We had cookies to munch on while we decorated and Christmas music in the background. Our office has a lot of fun together.

Friday was my last day at Mrs. Baker's. Bob and I had a discussion several weeks ago about concluding my time there. It has been difficult for me to continue on with them. When Mrs. Baker knew remotely who I was and why I was there, I did not quit because she didn't deal well with change. Now that she is in full blown Alzheimer's my exit is easier. I worked for her for about 10 years. She and I enjoyed our time together, discussing books and events going on in the world. Right after I had started working for her, Mr. Baker passed away. For the first few years I worked for her, she was gone almost every summer to her home in Jackson Hole. I was able to make a few trips up that way with her niece. When I left Friday, Frankie was there watching over Mrs. Baker. I almost teared up telling her goodbye. Mrs. Baker was in her chair fast asleep. I appreciate the Baker's tremendously. I learned a lot from doing correspondence and paying her bills. With Bob retired and what needs to be paid done by automatic debit and with the nurses hours on Quick Books, I felt good in the timing of my leaving. Bob said, we figure you are tired of coming over with all that is going on in your life. That is so true.

Going over to her home which will be a tear down once they sell gave me a glimpse into 1950's and 60's society. Mr. Baker had been innovative in getting the most from a home filled with 3 growing boys. Most of the homes around her have been torn down and the monstrosities are growing. She has lived a full life complete with memberships to the Houston Country Club and the Forest Club. She has traveled the world. She loved the Lord and served Him in the best Episcopal way. Going over there and watching her decline to becoming virtually a prisoner in her own home and body is tough. I am reminded how quickly life moves and how fast things become just stuff to maintain. Her money keeps her with 24 hour care but that is about all it does for her right now. One of the kindest things Mrs. Baker ever did was while she still of sound mind was to have me sit on the ottoman by her chair. She asked me if my grandmothers were still alive. I said no. She said well, I want to give you a gift, and she asked me to lay my head on the arm of her chair. She began running her hands through my hair and putting it behind my ear in that grandmotherly way. She said everyone needs to remember how their grandmommy's played with their hair. It is one of the most touching things that anyone ever did for me. Sometimes when I tell this story, people think she gave me money, cause she has more money than God... Nope, she gave me that wonderful gift that afternoon. She paid me really well for what I did, more than I probably should have ever made doing what I did. She sent me flowers and fruit baskets at Christmas and always remembered my birthday. Working for and serving Mrs. Baker has to be some of the best work I have ever been a part of.


Lisa Pierre said...

Whoa, what am I gonna ask you other than "have you been to Mrs. Baker's" when we talk on Fridays now? I'm sure you'll fill it with more salon experiences and haircuts, but what a hole without that Friday or every other Friday trek. Great tribute to The/Mrs. Baker(s). Not much more soothing than a "like-mom" running her hands through your hair, the same way - every which way is irritating!

Dana said...

What a gift of love.

I never knew my grandparents on either side, so this made me tear up.

Thanks for the sweet post!

Ulovebeth said...

I miss my grandmothers.

You need a Kleenex alert on a post like that!

Jennifer said...

I know you have no idea who I am, but were you eating with Roy last night at Hunan Inn? If not, then there were 2 people that looked a lot like you. I was there with my husband, but did not want to come and introduce myself as a "stalker" of your blog. I came across your blog several months ago and love reading your thoughts!

Lauren said...

Oh, what a sweet lady. I love the grandmother story. I hope I can be that kind of person to someone when I'm old. Or maybe now. :)