Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mildred and Gertrude at the UBA

Friday night Mildred and Gertrude came to the staff party at the Union Baptist Association. We had a blast. I better check on Monday to see if I am still union and Baptist. Gerti was not feeling well and had a sliver of a voice in a deep bass range. I was waiting for her to belt out a Barry White signature song, but Barry is not in a genre that she knows. Musical theatre is her bag.

We used a basic script that we know in our sleep. We added the personal touch in our house, Spam and cookie segment.

This picture to the left is our Spam turkey after we have put the finishing touches on it. There are several other pictures, but this one was the best of the bunch. I look through these pictures and can see my Grandma Doss in Mildred. Grandma had this little stiff legged walk. Her stride was short and she seemed to be always leaning awkwardly forward. I find myself walking like that a lot. I wish I had asked Grandma if she had bad knees cause that is how my Grandma Doss walk is developing.

I can officially put away all my Mildred stuff for a while. We love doing these together, but I am always happy when my free time becomes mine again and I don't feel guilty about not studying my script.


Shae said...

If you are no longer union or Baptist, you can always go talk to OEG about being Episcopalian.

Anonymous said...

like i said you are so silly...i enlarged the picture BEFORE reading the post just to see what in the world you were carrying...a spam turkey!@#$%$#...and i thought the tortilla turkey on the king ranch dish was over the top! SPAM????

Lisa Pierre said...

Does Millie wear SAS shoes?

Say it isn't so.