Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26

The day after Christmas, whew...I am glad to be moving onto the next big holiday which is New Years. For the most part Christmas was uneventful with family, which is really good. Christmas was eventful in my heart. Maybe next year I will take the time to decorate and do a little more around here for the holidays. I never put out any of our nativity sets, which I have a bear one that I love to display and never quite got around to it. I think I anticipated cooler temps and time off more than I anticipated the day. But, we did celebrate differently this year as not to get set in a routine. I will blog more later but thought I would set out a few pictures from the holiday season of Christmas.

My parents in front of their tree.

This be us on Christmas Day in the morning. We did not see 3 ships a sailing though on Christmas Day in the morning.

Below are a few pictures from across the street from CourtneyS mom's home. It is a blast and so much to see. I was a little discouraged when CourtneyS said she hadn't seen much work on the house this year. We drove by on Sunday night and he was on the roof putting out more lights. We went by last night and were stunned by the additional lights.


courtney said...

You & Hip Hop Roy are so cute. We got some good video of the light display!!

Lisa Pierre said...

All the pretty pictures. That's what I've had time for lately instead of reading each blog. Until now.