Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Plays

It seems that December has gone by quickly and just now I am thinking toward Christmas. I haven't listened to all the Christmas music I wanted to hear, I haven't written any cards or notes. I've looked at Christmas lights and have my shopping done. So much of my shopping was done very early and now as the days wind down to Christmas, the last of my shopping is done online.

My mindset in December is just hang in there till vacation. Get everything done and off your desk because time off is coming. So my vision has been time away from the office, not on Christmas or the joy of the holidays.

But, I have done two different variations from normal, I attended two plays. One a musical version of "It's a Wonderful Life" and a one woman show, "Sister's Christmas Catechism, The Mystery of the Magi's Gold."

On Thursday night Dena and I went to see It's a Wonderful Life. Caroline Taylor plays the part of Gracie Bailey on even nights. She was wonderful in her role. We had 5th row center seats to see the performance. To tell you the truth I have never sat down in one sitting to watch the movie version. Jimmy Stewart just seems so mad and put out during the whole movie, so there in lies the difficulty for me to pay attention. Too many miffed people to be with in life, why would I want to give time to a movie? I loved the musical version. One of the songs that is sung numerous times by George Bailey is, I am not a praying man but God if you are there, answer my prayer. George reasons that Mr. Potter is the only hope for him to get the money and when George is rebuffed, he cries out, thanks a lot God. Only there are things afoot in New Bedford and his friends and family come to his aid and rescue-problem solved in the details...God answered his prayer in a way he could not see or even think could happen. I think God answered Dena's prayer at dinner, that we would could see God's presence in our time at the play.

This is Matthew and Clarence. These two actors were awesome. And yes, Clarence got his wings.

Caroline drew the long straw and lost out on the publicity picture,but here is the Bailey family with their happy ending.

On Friday night Roy, Bill, Peggy and I went to see Sister's.... Roy and I had seen Late Night Catechism in Chicago last year and loved it. Peggy and I have envisioned doing something like this only about Southern Baptists. It could be done. Roy is the only one among us that was raised Catholic and attended parochial school. Roy is three for three in winning something from a Catholic themed play. Sister stages a reenactment of the nativity. She figures that Mary used the frankincense and myrrh in the barn as a room freshener, but no mention of the gold. So she brings people out of the audience to play all the parts. Each person gets a costume and the costumes were so creatively done. We loved it and had a great time. In the play, one of the questions that Sister asks is, what do we know about Mary before the angel came and spoke to her. Roy won a Jesus snows you pencil for his answer, she was from the house of David. Now, that is the Baptist answer cause we heard Pastor Gregg talk about that. Someone else answered all the traditional Catholic answers. But isn't that thought provoking, what do we know about Mary. Something to think through and ponder.

Well, this is all to my reviews. Oh, there are several other Sister plays that have been written since the original Late Night... They are a blast, not sacrilegious and all done in good taste. If you get a chance go see one when they are playing in your area.

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