Friday, December 28, 2007

Condo-Manium Part 4

It has been a while since I've updated the condo happenings. I have not seen casserole lady during the holiday season. Since she is in retail, this is probably the reason.

I ran into Deloris a couple of weeks ago. She was decked out in her party attire and with her was her constant companion of a small soft sided cooler-perfect fit for a 6 pack. I asked if she had been to a holiday party. Noticing the soft sided cooler looked empty and the squint-eyed look directed at me she softly said yes... well yes if you consider poker a holiday party.

Roy is practicing his addiction to books by buying books at Amazon for a penny. Here lately I have made a daily trip into the condo office to pick up packages...mainly these books he has been buying. On one of those trips I ran into Fern. Fern of pool fame. Her off-season look gives me a jolt of surprise, her make-up is bright. Fern hibernates during the winter. She usually isn't spotted until spring rolls around and she is back at her standard of by the pool.

One of the gay guys who hasn't been well, looks much better than several months ago. He is no longer using a walker. Anorexic lady is doing well, walking the hallways constantly.

An interesting lack of interaction is between my French Jewish neighbor and the couple whose condo is right off the pool area. Frenchy looks hard and bitter. She rarely smiles. Several years ago, Frenchy, her mom and couple by the pool did a lot of visiting at the poolside tables and that led to antique shopping excursions, which led to a brief affair between Frenchy and hubby of the pool condo couple. It was embarrassing obvious what was going on and then the condo grapevine got a hold of it and I think it maybe true, the wife is the last to know. When wifey finally saw the light...all that visiting stopped. Frenchy and mom now take a different route to the mailboxes or condo office.

I had heard that the 102 neighbor lady had died. She fell and broke her hip, which led to complications which caused her passing. At first I doubted that report, because her Christmas wreath has been up since Thanksgiving and according to my source, she fell in early November. While passing by her doorway last week, there was a young man with one of those wheels that measures dimensions. I think now that report is true. I will miss seeing her at lunch time when she dressed for ladies luncheon. Her lunch friends must really miss her, she was alert, humorous and politely opinionated.

There is another older lady who lives here that sits around the pool and constantly walks the property. I don't know her name, but I would know her laugh anywhere. It is a deep laugh that gets deeper. She fell a couple of months ago by the pool and she was on a walker. The condo association repaired the place in the cobblestone pavement that cause her fall. She is without the walker and getting along well. When the weather cooperates, she is out and about.

After several months absence the large group of people who maybe run some kind of phone sex operation are back. If I hadn't seen them come in from the grocery store, I would have known by the inserts from Allure, Glamor and Vanity Fair on the ground by their patio area. They probably don't run that kind of business, but in passing, based on their side of a conversation, it sure sounds interesting.

I know I must be leaving someone out...and there are several I have not given reports on, but I must gather more info before posting my report. It feels like NYC in the evenings when we pass by doors where there is cooking going on. I am happy to report that in our section of hallway the fragrance of balsam fir fills a few feet of space. No tree, but I am the happy recipient of a balsam fir candle.


Lisa Pierre said...

Funny, Mrs. Kravitz.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Nancy...I think I will forward this to one of the networks for a possible sitcom!