Sunday, December 16, 2007

Additional Pics from A Weekend Wonderland

Here Peggy and I are leading the class in singing Hark the Hearld Angel Sing on the 4th verse which we did not know very well.

Yes, I know I am wearing orange in the Christmas season. Sometimes I like to change it up a little. I figured there would be a lot of green and red this morning and I really like this partiular jacket.

One of our first dance moves.

This is during our jingle bells portion of the dance.

Of course we end it with more beautiful ballet moves.
Here is Roy after being a wiseman in the Christmas program and sometimes the wisemen are referred to as kings. So, you know this is coming, on Friday was One Night With the King. Or this age old joke, once a king always a king, but once a (k)night is enough.
***** Additional explanation**** The above is merely meant for satire and laughing purposes. Do not read anything into the above except for a play on words******
Hmm are these the wings that Dana referred to on her blog?


Profbaugh said...

It's late and I'm sleepless in St. Louis. Thanks for providing a wonderful blog and even more for this late night laugh!! Love it.


Dana said...

Okay, I commented on the wrong post. So it's late and I'm tired. Sue me.

What I said was...

It could be the wings I was referring that Sarah?? Hey, does that shepherd have a headache?

Once a (k)night is enough! TOO DARN FUNNY!

Lisa Pierre said...

Thanks for the added explanation. I'm always reading it like it sounds.