Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Stuff

It is Saturday...the day of catching up. I had an invite from Peggy to go to the Nutcracker Market today, but I turned her generous invitation down, why? Cause I have Saturday Stuff. I almost didn't know she had called because this morning when Roy was being so very helpful he knocked my phone under the bed. He was on a time crunch this morning to be ready to go to Bible study, help me a little and get the stuff into his truck for the Mission Training Center. While he was taking the sheets off the bed, that is when the phone went into deep dark hiding.

I thought later in the morning I better get my phone and it was no where to be found. To make it more difficult, it was on vibrate. I remember it being on my nightstand because I woke up in the middle of the night thinking my phone had rung. It was a familiar ring to a particular friend. Through blurry sleep filled and non glasses eyes, I saw that no one had called by looking at my phone. Back to sleep, only to wake up Roy and Buddy a little later calling out for Roy. He woke up immediately and asked me if I was OK. I told him ______ was being mean to me. Now if I were to put the man's name in there that was being mean to me in my dream and if you know him, it would be totally out of character for this gentleman to be mean. He is such a sweet and dear man. I attribute that dream to popcorn right before sleep last night.

When I finally found the phone, in that short amount of time I had received 4 phone calls. Note to self, that is how to be popular, lose the phone. One call had been from Fed Ex with a delivery at 9:00 am. I mean really, besides old people and task oriented people, who is ready to take delivery of a package that early in the morning on a Saturday?

In between my Saturday stuff of cleaning up the condo and running errands, I have been on the computer ordering Christmas gifts and some fun stuff for well, me. When there is free shipping, I am all about home delivery. Ebubbles delivered a package yesterday. One item can be gift wrapped for free. When you are having a down in the dumps day, instant happiness, opening up a wrapped package. They pack everything so neatly with colored tissue paper. That is one fun box to open. I also like ordering online from Sephora. They have a order 50.00 and the shipping is free deal going on right now. And they include the coolest cloth bag that you don't get in the stores. Usually it is black, but this month it is silver. After several counter debacles sometimes it is best for me to order online. Last year, I bought some Laura Mercier and a gift came with purchase. The tube said blush, so I used it as blush and really liked it and how easy it was to apply. So, I go to The Nord to buy more and they have no clue of what I am talking about. It dawns on the woman helping me they have a lip gloss called blush. Surely I wasn't using it as blush. I blushed as I replied, yes. Right then and there she scheduled me for a make over session.

On Wednesday night I went to the Bobbi Brown counter. I had seen this eye shadow, glimmery and sparkly for the holiday season. I am asking the woman who is helping me all types of questions. Can I wear it during the day? Is this just for night? She informs me she is wearing it right now. I say well close your eyes and show me. She gives me a look like I am crazy. She adjusts a light, closes her eyes and turns her face to show me how glimmery it is on her cheeks. OK, the stuff I wanted was blush, not eye shadow. I made the excuse that I was just looking and moved on embarrassed. What was she thinking? I asked her to close her eyes!!! If she is a blogger I am sure my request has made it in a post.

If you ever look at me and think I have it all together, then you are all together wrong. Oh, is that is chiastic structure? No, it is more like a chaotic structure.

I am the person who went about on my on the job banking business in an outfit that I thought looked really, really good on me. I noticed people staring at me and apparently I looked as good as I thought I did in it. I sashayed throughout the bank with a confident yet fake monied and I look so good walk. Only to be told by a good looking man that I had a leg of pantyhose coming out of my bottom pant leg and I had been dragging that leg of pantyhose around for a good hour or so as I did my work banking business. Oh the utmost and total embarrassment. I sat in the car pulling on the leg only to find that the other leg of the pantyhose was in the other leg of my pants and it was going to require removal of pants to set the pantyhose free. That was a fun experience. Now you have to know that was years ago and I don't wear pantyhose with pants anymore. I have no clue why I did that back when either.

Well clearly I have told you more than Saturday Stuff. Oh well, Saturday Stuff I do is boring. I am too easily amused by my Dyson Vacuum cleaner. I always want to save the stuff it has collected to show Roy. He couldn't care less about all the cat hair this baby has sucked up.

Tomorrow, maybe I will have a more serious post of Sabbath Day Sunday...although I kind of doubt it.


Anonymous said...

i think that chaotic structure might actually be an antimetabole...still love your posts even if you don't have it altogether....i really knew that all the time that's why i love this blog.....that's why you have your new travel's the getting there that's the trip!Hope your sabbath day was great and will watch for post better be chiastic! I appreciate some good symetry now and then!

Dana said...

You are so funny...
I like to use make-up that has if it worked, work it!