Sunday, March 16, 2008

Casserole Lady and Other Updates

It was the perfect storm. Only it wasn't a storm or wild seas that happened it was just the casserole lady was coming back from working out as I was walking toward the car to leave for church. Roy, who had been out walking, rounded the corner and headed straight to me so that he could kiss me good bye. He was fiddling with his iPod when I mentioned as discreetly as possible the casserole lady was coming up behind him. She had that look in her eyes to greet Roy with a "good morning...why are you with her when you could be with me?" This Sunday morning Roy surprised both the casserole lady and me. You have to know that Roy is not a publicly demonstrative man. He likes to hold my hand or put his arm around me, but you will never see him grab me in a love lock and plant a HUGE passionate kiss on me. But this morning right out there in our parking lot, he did such a thing. Surprised the heck out of me as I stood there trying not to look dumbfounded. I tried to decide if I should turn right around and stay at home this morning. Casserole lady stopped dead in her tracks, as Roy held my hands and looked straight into my eyes and said, 'Wanna come back in for another "breakfast?" But before I could answer he said, "no baby go on, nothing is so sexy to me as you going to church. I love you!" Then he kissed me again and walked away, turning back to me and mouthing, I'll be waiting for you when you get home. Whew...there were two stunned women in the parking lot this morning. She managed to say good morning to me and I mumbled something about being the luckiest woman in the world or something like that. Had to fix my lipstick once I got to church and made me late to the service, but dang it, it was a sweet late.

When Roy and I finally had a chance to talk at lunch today, he was quite proud of his demonstration and was hoping I would agree. I did. Now we will see if this deters her with oh, he really does love her or this man, he has to be mine. Roy still surprises me even after being married nearly 31 years.

Now here's the thing, none of you can mention this to Roy cause he is so private and would be downright embarrassed, but I had to tell you all cause I've written about the casserole lady previously. I have to tell you I am downright proud of him. I don't know what came over him, but I wish it would come around more often.

Knee update- I am feeling good. In fact I was feeling so good yesterday, I decided it was time to organize my closet. In doing that I was doing the thing the DR had told me not to do, stand for long periods of time. On top of that, I was lugging out storage deals, tripping over shoes, and turning my knees in some awkward ways. So by the time I left for a wedding last night I was in bad shape. At the beautiful reception, I only could sit off to the side because my knees were unstable and hurting. Today, they are feeling better and hopefully by tomorrow will be working flawlessly under the pain pill and anti-inflammatory. Until I had a few days of feeling good, I didn't know how much pain I have actually been living in. Hope to hear something this week about the injections.

Today after worshipping the Lord, I ran to the Nord to return a dress that had I had not ordered. Actually,I had ordered some jeans and got someones order. Being the Nord, they were trying to locate the jeans and I assured them the credit was fine. This wasn't going to stop me from shopping at the Nord. In fact, I did just that. Did some shopping. Michael Kors in my new fav because his pants and jeans are long. They fit me perfectly. I found some wide leg, cuffed, linen pants and a couple of other things.

Ben Stuart taught for Gregg this morning and Ben rocked the casbah!!!! In fact, I want to hear the sermon again, so instead of sitting in the lobby during the service before Cafe Ascend, we are going to go to the Ascend service.

All in all this has been a wonderful Sunday. Great worship service, great Sunday School lesson, good shopping, and a second treat of worship.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the drawing for the gift card from the Nord. Happy Birthday Roy and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Cosmo said...

What a great day you had! Funny too.

Anonymous said...

it's too easy for me to forget the doctor's orders when the pain is gone...just remember you want to be standing tall in those new M Kors pants and not sitting down somewhere......i'm going to check out the service online right now! Do you think the casserole lady might come up with something more exotic? Great Story!I'm heading out of toww for the week so Have A Great One and take care of those knees!

Amanda said...

That is such a fun story about Roy!

Dana said...

So glad you are getting some relief from the pain in your knees and the pain in your Condo. What a great way to tell her off without having to tell her off!

Does that make sense?

I've missed you and glad to catch up at least via your blog...

Profbaugh said...

Woo Hoo!! Go Roy!! Do you think he could give my hubby some lessons?


Becky Kiser said...

that is steamy!!!!