Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at the Bain Compound

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We did. Roy and I went to HFBC for the 9:10 Easter service. Both morning services were identical and at 9:10 the place was packed. In the midst of celebrating Christ's victory over the grave, I could not help be bittersweet as these were the last worship services before the Worship Center is completely gutted and renovated. Lots of wonderful memories came to mind and when the choir sang Majesty and Glory, I about lost it. I had no one to pass a note to or whisper my sentimental thoughts. Roy wouldn't understand it and the little girl sitting next to me would have probably told her mom stranger danger.

We returned home after the service where I took a nap and Roy worked on our taxes. Then we left to go out to the Bain Compound to celebrate Easter with them, the Mounces, and Murphy's. Roy and I missed the Easter Egg hunt and I wasn't too upset over that since I had just seen hundreds of children participate in those at Spring Loaded. We sat down to a marvelous lunch prepared by Peggy and Jenny. Ham, Peggy's famous potato salad, deviled eggs, fruit salad, green bean casserole and a plethora of tasty and yummy desserts.

After lunch we went outside to throw confetti eggs and pop rocks. Roy and I bring out a full complement of these fun Easter things. That is always our contribution to Easter with the Bains.

Here is Peggy with a ton of confetti in her hair. You can't see it but believe me it is there. Roy held onto the extra carton of eggs for the adults to break them on each other and the kids.

This is Bill's latest acquisition for the Bain Museum. It is a motorized Dr. Pepper car. I wish I had a picture of Bill driving it around. But he got over to 5 boy house before I could snap a shot of him.
This is Kate, Totters as she is affectionately called. I believe I will be calling her Peggy Jr. She has a lot of Peggy's characteristics and attitude toward life and having fun. It would be remiss of me to say, she also has a wee bit of Peggy's temper.
Here is a recurrent picture. Peggy always has her camera in hand. They never even have to say to the grandchildren smile, they just look at the camera while they are doing things. This is David, Bain's son and his son Charlie and niece Allie pelting him with eggs.

This is the golf cart you use to get around the compound.
Bill and the children.

This is Jackson, Kate, John Tyler, sorry about cutting off your head in the picture. I was just holding up the camera taking pictures since is was so bright outside, and Allie.

This is another egg picture. Behind that fence is a water ski lake and the dock where the fun jet ski is waiting for warmer temps and summer days.

Then we brought out the pop rocks and threw those around until there was nothing left to pop. Peggy, Roy, David and the kids then went next door to 5 Boy House (Peggy calls it that since the people who live there have 5 boys ranging from 12 down to 3) and played with the 5 boys on their trampoline and basketball hoop. Jenny, Laurie, Becky, Jaime and I sat outside and talked until the troops came on home. Roy and I got home around 7:30 worn out, but happy. How can you not come home anything but? Good friends and the biggest play house in the world? This morning we have found confetti all over the pillows in bed and confetti in a trail throughout our home.

Other happenings since last week. My passport was in the mailbox on Friday. Yahoo! Had lunch with Peggy at The Nord last Thursday. Then had a good shopping experience afterwards there and at Macy's. Friday night Roy and I picked up some Goode Company Bar B Cue and came home for a veg out night in front of the TV. I even watched The Sound of Music, which really is not one of my favorite movies. Even with that confession my Baptist choir card has not been taken from me. The good side effect of my meds, I cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen and stayed on task. Saturday late afternoon I went over to Dena's. We are working on a project together and got a lot accomplished in that time. We were so happy about that, we ran over to the Bistro for an early celebratory dinner. Roy was happy to have me out and about so that he could begin working on our taxes. I have been something of a pest in former years constantly asking questions while he is trying to figure out how much we owe.

The past week or so Buddy has been especially loving. She is eager to sit on my lap. She has been sleeping with us again since she will stay in bed most of the night and not get into trouble. When she comes back to bed, she has been putting her head on my head which in cat language is a sign of love. This begins a few minutes of me rubbing her head and back and when she has had enough, she lays on my arm to go to sleep. I am hoping her attacking my head days are far behind us.

I took off the morning from work, so I better do a couple of things and then get ready to go in. It is such a beautiful day, it is almost too pretty to go into work, but I will.

Tomorrow I begin my injections. I would appreciate any prayer if you happen to think of me anytime during the day but especially around 2:15.


The Sanders House said...

it is strange that the worship center is being remodeled. i told amanda this morning that i would sit on those old red cushions with stuffing coming out of them forever because it does hold tons of memories. of course, we no longer go to church there...but makes me kinda sad.

Anonymous said...

What fun! The Bains - most awesome fun people! And I wish I had been sitting by you during Majesty and Glory - because I teared up - the music was incredible Sunday morning! Excitement and bitter sweet. . .


jsi said...

That Dr. Pepper car is exceptional!

Lisa Pierre said...

I saw Sandi Patty singing that choir song and I sang out loud in the balcony in the first service - didn't care if anybody else cared.
I was hoping Pastor Gregg would have said the "last service to be held in the sanctuary would be Tuesday night with Beth."
Peggy - how can she look so sweet and devious at the same time?!
Gotta do that Nord/Lupe's lunch with Amanda soon...
I will be thinking of your knees, hehehe! Never heard you sound concerned, so that's great!

Dana said...

I didn't even think of the sentimentality of the remodel until I read your post. It will be a different experience to be sure.

Glad you had a wonderful Easter and will most certainly be praying for you this day and the ones to come!

Lauren said...

1. it is weird that all the hfbc red will be disappearing. courtney also told me they'll be covering the ceiling. i will miss the upside-down tables, or whatever they are, but it is definitely time, i think.

2. tangent on the dr. pepper car: when i was in waco a couple of weeks ago (the place where DP was invented and home of the DP museum--noah got an "i'm a pepper" onesie), the sunday paper had an article about people who are moving downtown and renovating lofts and houses there. one of the people they highlighted was dave crowder, who bought a really cool house built in 1857 or something. my in-laws later told me that it was actually dr. pepper's house!! my sis-in-law has been there, because the crowders have offered up their house to pretty much any Bible study through their church that wants to meet there.

Profbaugh said...

Oh I am so jealous after looking at your pictures. It actually SNOWED during the Easter egg hunt after church. It was actually a wet snow since the temperature was above 32 and the kids were soaked! Oh my, God does have a sense of humor.

I've never been to Texas, but your pictures make me want to travel--NOW!! Can't wait until the Siesta Fiesta in August.