Saturday, March 29, 2008

That and This

So far this weekend has been enjoyable. Nothing big or exciting happening but I am enjoying the ordinary sacred. I had been dreading the past few months for the eventual reporting that little tree had not survived the last trim. One day it was sprouting through the thin dirt and surrounding concrete with leaves only to become a fragile, slender, brown stick. From time to time I would ask Roy, do you think little tree is dead? Roy would respond, we'll it doesn't look good for little tree. For months day after day, just a stick. I began thinking of ways to tell the news of little tree's demise. This week I noticed little tree looked differently and I even had Roy inspect it. His response remained the same, doesn't look good. Each day this week there has been a change and out of the fragile, slender stick is coming a new shoot of growth and by Monday one little leaf should be showing. Little tree is coming back! What a fighter. Seeing that little tree everyday reminds me to have hope in the most trying of circumstances.

This week we had a little scare. My sister in law called me early Wednesday morning. She had been to Vanderbilt Hospital for some tests and they found a mass in her esophagus. Now Nancy is a registered nurse and knows her stuff, but she did what we non medical professionals do when we encounter medical issues, she began Googling her symptoms and the report back was not good. We talked for a while and I did what I am good at, bring a little laughter into a desperate situation. I told her I would get her name on prayer lists etc and we would wait on the Lord. She was to get the report on Monday. Thursday night Nancy called and the report was GOOD. The mass seemed to be bulging muscle. Who knew one could work out their esophagus and have an esophagus six pack? We of course laughed and cried and thanked God because they had rushed the analysis so that she wouldn't have the weekend to fret. She will still have an ultra sound done, but we are rejoicing.

As the month draws to a close this means it is a quarter close for Roy and he is up to his eyeballs in work. He is even going in on Sunday and his usual practice is not to do so. We are home tonight relaxing. We have such different tastes in movies and TV. So, I can at least sit here with him while he watches Sci Fi, ABC Family and USA mixed in with basketball updates and I blog.

Got the highlights and cut yesterday. They won't be moving to Sugarland until May, so I have one more close hair cut next month. Afterwards I did the Kroger thing. Today I did the Play Grocery store thing. Got some tilapida quesodillas for dinner tomorrow.

Last night Dena and I went to Grand Lux for an early dinner. Wow, it was fabulous. We did our famous splits of everything. We were not disappointed. Then I needed to run over to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book or two...and a journal. Well, I didn't go for the journal, it was just one of those things. The journal has one of those 1940 type pictures on front. It says, Motivated by Meds. How appropriate for my current state. Then Dena and I went to The Container Store. Now you know you can't leave that store empty handed. And we made a quick trip through DSW.

Today Peggy and I rehearsed over the phone and Lisa P and I got in some good girlfriend phone time.

Roy went with me late this afternoon over to church. The Option Sheets were not delivered until today. Wow, the CLC looks ready to roll for services tomorrow. It looks wonderful. A bunch of new signage to go along with all the new look. The West side of the church is being prepared for major construction. It was kind of exciting being there tonight. Should be an exciting day tomorrow.

I am so thankful to the Lord. He is marvelous and does marvelous things. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

okay i wasn't going to share this BUT since you have gone and mentioned another fabulous restaurant dinner i have to tell you: You were in my dream last night and you were a witty, well-dressed ("tall" shoes/M.Kors Long pants)upscale restaurant hostess!!! I said to my companion: "Oh that is my blog friend who doesn't know me...should i introduce myself?" That's as far as i can remember.... Hope today was fun in the worship center...and that you have listened to Lisa's cd constantly!!!!

The Sanders House said...

some how i always gravitate toward the i need another one to fill out half way! they are just too cute there!

Anonymous said...

You've been "tagged", my friend! Check out my site for all the you!