Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Official!

It's official, I have the worst knees my orthopedic has ever seen for a 53 year old woman. When I told Peggy she said, well, I'm no Doctor and could have told you that. So, he gave me several prescriptions and we are waiting for my insurance company to OK the injections to see if that might work. If not, total knee replacement for both knees. He is trying to buy me some time because he hates to see me have both knees replaced at a young age. Got to love a Dr when he calls you young. In the waiting room I do believe I was the youngest one and would have been voted Miss Congeniality if there had been a contest. As I watched several older women come in and act cranky, I prayed and asked the Lord, please don't let me be like her, please don't let me become like her.

He showed me my x-rays on the computer. Bone spurs to the left, bone spurs to the right, stand up sit down...fight, fight, fight. OK, the stand up and sit down are hard for me.... anyway, the x-rays of my knees look really, really bad. He could not believe that I can walk like I do with such damage. Then he looked at my shoes and said, how can you walk in those shoes with such bad knees? He could not believe that I have been enduring pain like this for several years without taking any prescription medication. I have a strong pain level is all that I can tell him.

I must brag on my athletic prowess today. Of course I had to go wee wee several times before leaving for his office and then had to find the facilities once I arrived at the building. My purse doesn't have any type of closure on the top of it and as I place my purse on top of the toilet roll dispenser, my phone come flying out of my purse and is heading straight to the bowl of the toilet. I jumped for the phone as if I was taking a bullet or snagging a pop up at home plate. I caught that phone within inches of the water. My knees may be bad, but my reflexes are still pretty good. Don't you know I wanted to tell the Dr. about my amazing catch. Maybe I will tell him next time.

So for now that's about it on my knees. He told me to take this one pain med and see what kind of reaction I have to it and not to rush into work in the morning. I take it tonight. Please pray I don't have any kind of reaction to it.


Anonymous said...

was this intentional? "so for now that's about it ON MY KNEES." I'm sorry to hear about the bone spurs and will happily pray for reactionless meds for you. p.s. you should have told the doctor- if it wasn't for the shoes (i've seen some of your nordy cuties) you surely wouldn't be walking like you do...they've kept you young, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

and now you know i'm not at bible study tonight!

happy pamela said...

oh sister! knees schmees! I am so proud of you for praying about crankiness - it's working. . .you are not and will never be like them. I pray it too!

your awesome - if you do have replacements - i'll bring you goodies from the play grocery store!

Jenny B said...

My mom and Aunt have those injections. They both say they really helping a lot. My mom is also trying to avoid the knee replacement surgery. I will be praying for you that this works and that it doesn't come to surgery. :) You do have great reflexes by the way. I would have dumbly watched as my phone took a bath. That's why we pay for replacement insurance!

jsi said...

It is striking to view people and their behavior and connect the rationale why someone might have become a cranky griping person. Does a lifetime of pain have to create a cranky complainer? Can that complaining spirit happen because of other things?
What a deep prayer to encounter - Lord keep my joy strong.

Sorry to hear that there is so much pain. Hopefully your youth will not prevent this doctor from doing the compassionate things that can help alleviate the pain you encounter.