Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Fever

I have a horrible case of spring fever. It hit me hard today. Such a beautiful sunshiny day with cool temps and low humidity. Mustang Sally was calling me to come out to play. "Must resist urge to leave work." Jason came into the office with the same affliction...spring fever... He was trying to work on budget things, but it is difficult to stay focused when ya's got the fever. I felt a nudge of my new found focus drifting toward my usual mind set. "Must keep working." A reward came for working even though spring calls my name minute by minute. Dani came to my office bearing a gift from she and Carolyn. The bag said I knew it would be good. They got me a beautiful stone lamb with a lovely patina on the stone. They got lambs as well, so we have a flock. Then Carolyn came over and I listened as they looked through a Bloomingdale catalog...women's ministry at it's finest. Jason joined in conversation after a while. Refreshing, encouraging and meaningful were those few minutes. Our schedule has been hectic with Milestones, Midlink, Spring Loaded and tying up the loose details for Broken for You service tomorrow night. Dani, Carolyn and I made lunch plans and then I finished up a few things. We went to Sweet Tomatoes and sat in a booth across from the Swiggarts sans Chambers, who must have been freezing at Schliterbaun today. The Swiggarts left for other places and we took the scenic way back to the office. I had been doing just fine until we hit the second floor, and there it was again...spring fever. I reviewed several things, answered some emails and phone calls and at 4:00 when I couldn't stand it no more, I left. Instead of going straight home, I went to Memorial City in search of a gold chain. Found one, on sale with an extra 20% off the sale price. Found a couple more pairs of Michael Kors on sale, one not. Went and found Mustang Sally in the parking lot, put the top down and drove home with my fever subsiding probably until in the morning. The good news is, I am taking a half day off tomorrow.

Got some great news from my knee doctor. The injections have been approved by the insurance company and I will have my first one Tuesday afternoon. I would ask that you all pray with me that they will work and surgery can be delayed for a while. I am hopeful since I have had a great reaction to the meds.

Going to meet Dena for dinner. She must not be suffering from spring fever cause she just left work. It is a little after 7:00. Roy is still at the office. He has been at a conference for two days and then comes to the office to finish up things before coming home. He should be leaving in just a bit to come on home.

I just got in from dinner and we had a great time and wonderful food. If a large group is going to eat dinner, they sit near us. Happened again tonight. We moved over a table and another large group sat right beside us. Dinner with Dena is always fun. I love our conversations they go from serious to laughter to sacred, well it is all sacred, back to serious and we always end with a few good laughs. So, I just took my pill and it won't be too much longer and I will be in dream land. Just to awake to spring fever. "Must get up and get ready for work. Resist urge to sleep in."


Profbaugh said...


You are too funny!! If I'm ever out your way I want a ride in Mustang Sally!! (and a trip to the Nord).


jsi said...

You are having a riot of a day!
One thing that makes resisiting spring fever very easy - getting an additional 2 inches of snow and freezing rain. Our roads are a mess with potholes from the treatment from intensive plowing. Mustang Sally would not have a nice ride and you would be swerving more slalom curves than an Olympic downhill ski team.

Lisa Pierre said...

I think this was the day we spoke over the phone and I was standing outside your church until Malcolm picked me up for us to go eat Chinese. Well, Spring only gave me a sore throat and cold!

Dana said...

"I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!"

Gotta have more cowbell Nancy!