Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get Out of That Pit!

I have just returned from my first injection and I am feeling no pain. Ha ha ha! 2:00 must be a magical hour for orthopedic patients. The waiting patients in the Dr office were overflowing out into the hall. It was a room filled with walkers, canes, wheel chair, and crutches. Truly it was the halt and the lame in need of healing. To the right of me conversation in French. In front of me a conversation in Spanish. But the universal language of choice for conversations in that waiting room and in the hall was pain, complete with additional sighs and meaningful grunts. It is interesting to watch couples. The one there to help the halt or lame one probably spoke the language of pain much more fluently and loudly than the afflicted one. Don't get me wrong, the afflicted were well able to speak in between a creak here and there. Patience already worn thin and then to be only greeted by a room full of like kind. It seemed more than they could bear. Again, I believe I was the youngest patient in the waiting room.

While I waited I worked on my outline for Get Out of That Pit, by Beth Moore. I was underlining and adding comments to the pages of the book. The lady next to me ask if I was reading a book by Mariah Carey? No I told her and I tried to tell her about the book, she needs it. She cut me off and said she didn't need to hear another story about God, thank you. Dude, she needed intravenous feeding of God's Word.

Pain is a horrible master. Bones, legs, and hips contorted and shaped in way they were never created to look. So many pain addled people with no songs of deliverance, just the wheeze and whine of affliction. I wanted to get up and ask for every one's attention. It took everything for me not to stand up and begin reading from Get Out of That Pit. I recognized these pit dwellers only by looking back at my life. Don't let pain define who you are. We may not be able to change the pain, but we can change our attitude toward it. I told God I would be willing to read to His children suffering so much in that waiting room and just then I heard my name called to come back behind the door.

The injections were not that bad. Kevin told me to anticipate a lot of pain, but really it was nothing. He said you didn't even flinch, nah, got friends praying for me and I have had numerous cortisone shots. Now there my friends, is a painful shot. My next injection is on April Fools Day. How appropriate for me.

I am going to the last Tuesday night Bible Study in the Worship Center before it is taken apart for renovation. Told Lisa a long time ago I would try to make this night. She is saving me a seat and looking forward to hearing the Word and worshipping the Lord. Lisa's CD is also for sale tonight. I asked her to save one for me.


Anonymous said...

i guess i never noticed the resemblance between Beth and Mariah...it reminded me of that "lookalike" game Beth posted once....Am so glad the shot wasn't all that bad and "no pain" was reigning for the time being and Lucky for you to be called before The Reading! I wish i had gone to tues night bible study..i want a Lisa P. CD!!!!!

Dana said...

Ah, she stole my line. Which was, yeah, ever since Beth combs her hair differently she does kind of resemble Mariah.


I would have loved to have heard what happened if you got a chance to read to them...