Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Extra Day This Year

Right about now I would love to pull from the oldie but goody pile Earth, Wind and Fire's September. Only I would change the words to go with do you remember 29th of February...? We got an extra day this year. What did you do with yours. Roy lived his extra day of the year to the fullest. He took the day off, kissed me goodbye and went to the Juice Box. He was able to stay in the Diamond seat section for both games. His evening plans didn't turn out the way he had planned but he had a full fun day. And thoughtful hubby brought me back an official t shirt. The way to my heart? Journals, pens, fun or cute t shirts and hearts.

While he was enjoying his day, I went my way enjoying the extra day. Had a brow appointment with Charles at 10:00. Then I met with Penny for a bit going over several options for the spring. I know which red jacket I will keep. 11:30 hair appointment at Emmanuel. They haven't moved yet and I will be able to get in one more appointment before they head to their new location in Sugarland. Brought some Spring Loaded info with me to invite several of the stylists. Think a couple of them will come. Roy has invited several co-workers with little ones and are very interested in coming. Great way to invite those who don't attend church or know the Lord. With all my outsourcing services done, I headed toward home. Didn't see one trail rider. But I have so enjoyed reading the comments of those who have done the ride.

Dena and I headed over the Buffalo Grille for dinner. I took the breakfast route while she took the comfort food road. Neither of us were disappointed. We were trying to continue catch up when a loud and boisterous older single group from Second (we think) pulled into the the tables next to us. Dena and I have discussed why loud people or fussy kids are drawn to sit next to us in a restaurant. Dena was in the middle of a story and she was having difficulty staying focused on the convo at hand. I looked over the group while she was refilling her coffee. The group consisted of 3-4 odd ones, 3 desperate acting women, an older couple and one very good looking man. Eavesdropping on their conversation, he was new to the group. Because he was answering a jillion questions. I learned in that short period of time he is in real estate and just visited the church a couple of times. Since Dena had noticed him early on, hmm... maybe it wasn't the loud conversation that rendered her unfocused, I told her of what I had learned and then tagged this insight at the end of my surveillance report, he is probably gay. I also tried to convince her he was from Baytown, but she was wise to the fabrication. We left for Sonic to have some quiet and dessert. In keeping with the evening, they put us on hold for our order and I think they would have forgotten about us if Dena hadn't done the re-push.

Today I had the unexpected pleasure of Roy's company all day. He didn't go to the office and barely looked at his Blackberry. He and his good knees helped me do some spring cleaning. We met my parents at China Love for dinner and then we came back here so my mom could see Buddy. Buddy was not in the mood to sit still. So, my mom was a little disappointed. This dinner and time we spent together has to be some of the best time we have spent together for a long time. Talking with my mom yesterday put me at ease since I was a little concerned we would spend the evening re-hashing last week's events. She volunteered that she and my dad had decided nothing was accomplished in discussing the past. Move, let me praise Him....move let me praise Him.

I'm headed for the bed. Roy is watching Rice and Texas play baseball. I have an early morning since the Options did not come on Friday before 4:30 and Ivan and I forgot he needs all the committee names for Deacon's meeting. Roy is planning on going back tomorrow to Minute Maid for the last two games.

In the coming weeks I hope to post some of the multitude of thoughts rolling around in my head. For now they will be rolling on the river...Left a good job in the city...Big Wheel keeps on turning Proud Mary keeps on burning and we're rolling...rolling, rolling on the river.....


Anonymous said... that was the word i was looking for..(sorry to end with a preposition) will be watching for you to dock on your river cruise and share some thoughts....Have a fun week!

Dana said...

My papa was a rolling stone, wherever he laid his hat was his home. But he didn't like the river. You couln't call him old man river, he don't say nuthin. He just keeps rolling along.