Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Stuff

I am not good at ATM's. I kind of keep an eye out for America's Funniest to see me at the bank's ATM. If bank employees are having a bad day I think they must watch the video of me withdrawing cash. I don't do it often enough to get the flow of it or at least act like I get the flow of the whole process. It always begins with me putting the card in wrong. No, wait, it begins before that. I never drive close enough to the machine to process the transaction. So, here I am hanging out the window of my car, meanwhile choking myself on the seat belt. Of course being a cautiously trained citizen to be aware of my surroundings, I am hanging, choking and looking around before I put in my pin number. At some point I get tired of the seat belt giving me a thin, side edge hickey against my neck so I release the belt and usually open the door just a bit to lean out and push all the correct buttons. None of this is done quietly. I am talking to myself and feeling old. Some time I'd like to quit....oh it is late, I went Carpenter's again on ya. But I do talk to myself and I answer my questionings in a slightly sarcastic manner.

Normal me: Dang, I did it again. I am not close enough to the ATM

Sarcastic me answering: Idiot! Why don't you remember to do this correctly when you pull up? It's not like this is your first time of getting a withdrawal.

I think you get the idea of the rest of the conversation. Waiting for the receipt gives me trouble too because I can't remember which slot it comes from. It seems to me I pick the windiest days to do get cash and fear that the receipt will blow off like dust in the wind, all we are, are dust in the wind.

Multiply the stress level x6 if there happens to be a car or cars behind me.

The other night Roy and I watched Parking Wars on A&E. It is about meter maids and booters ticketing the scofflaws who park where ever they will, whenever they want to or maybe it is just the fact they owe tons of money on outstanding tickets. What is wrong with us that we are mesmerized by this show? Several are passionate about their jobs and what they do for the city of Philadelphia, which is the city of brotherly love. Seems like all the kinfolk of love like to cuss big time and sometimes you only hear a conjunction or an article here and there between the beeps.

I called Barry, the best in the, West to see if he could find some comp tickets to the college baseball classic at Minute Maid Park on Friday. He did good, really good. For the noon game on Friday he got Roy 4 tickets in the Diamond section of the park. That means he is right behind home plate with Uncle Drayton. Roy and his friends will have to slum for the next game with general admission tickets. Roy is beside himself with joy. He LOVES college baseball. After the 3:30 game, he and Dana Martin (I need to explain that this Dana is a man, but he is married to a woman named Jaye) will leave the park, take the train over to Reliant for the Bar B Cue cook off. Roy was invited by the Deloitte Touche d team and he has moved up in the rotation cause the invite is for Friday night. He is usually invited for Thursday night. So he and Dana are going to go there eat some tasty Texas Bar B Cue then head back downtown to catch the end of the evening game. Roy is pumped!

Today is my outsourcing day. Having my brows done and hair cut. I will be dodging trail riders. Several ride by on N Post Oak Road and then Salt Grass usually comes down Memorial.


Amanda said...

Well done with getting those tickets for Roy! I had to laugh about Uncle Drayton. I did the Salt Grass ride into Memorial one time when I was in jr. high. It was 11 miles in the city. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life.

Anonymous said...

has your hairdresser (is that an archaic word?) moved to sugarland yet?

Liz G. said...

I do the ATM shuffle, too! I think it's more the fault that the ATMs are built higher than my little FIT and Mustang Sally (I guess I always assume that's your car - and that it is a Ford Mustang) are built - since they now have to accomodate the plethora of SUV's whose owners evidently have wads of cash to fund the gas bill of said SUVs.

Anonymous said...

oops! i signed out to you at the atm...a wind must have come up ...anyway....or have you decided to try another "beautician" (or does that word date me too?) Enjoy your day of outsourcing!!!!!

Lauren said...

Oh! BBQ and the Rodeo! I miss home!

jsi said...

You must know the world!
When you have an allergic reaction to ATMs it must mean you have been given a second chance to save all your money, right?

Have a great day!

Kay Altic said...

Nannnnnnnnncccccyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I sat here and died laughing about the ATM...Kay just kept asking me what I was laughing at...and it was hearing you talk about the ATM...heheheheheh I am laughing even now!

Hey...I was on the salt grass for 2 days...