Thursday, February 7, 2008

Too Busy to Blog

This has been a full and busy week. Many times I thought of sitting down to blog because writing energizes me, but time got away. I thought, I will post tomorrow and in the words of The Winnan's, "tomorrow I'll give my life tomorrow."

Over the weekend, I had two aunts pass away. Aunt Leah was 90 and my Aunt Dee or how I always knew her, Aunt Guyneth was 78. I keep thinking of my cousins and what emotions they are dealing with this week. I know Aunt Leah was right there welcoming Aunt Dee to heaven seeing that she beat her there by about 20 hours.

Monday was exciting in that there was a fire here in our condomaniums on the second floor. Aimee sent an email about the fire and the second and third floor evacuation due to smoke in the hallways. From the description it sounded as if the condo with the fire was below us and to the corner. I told Jason about the smoke and I needed to get home to check on Buddy and begin to air out our home. The hallways were thick with all too familiar scent of burnt. It smelled like a big ol' campfire. When I came in, Buddy didn't leave my side. There was smoke in the air so I opened all the window and got big fans to draw the smoke outside. Our guest bedroom was the worst. Because Buddy was upset, I stayed at home for the rest of the afternoon, airing out and Frebreezing things.

Monday evening I helped Dena get her TV in for repair at Best Buy. Their policy is; for pick up, repair and delivery, the TV has to be at least 26 inches. Dena's is 25. I brought over a small dolly we use and we loaded up the TV and took it over to Best Buy. We went to dinner afterwards at CPK. So, by the time I got home I was emotionally and physically worn out.

Tuesday was exciting in that Retreat Staff toured the CLC and surrounding rooms that will be used during the remodeling of the Worship Center. What was even more exciting was Stephen Smith, our new Worship Pastor, was there. Lots of walking, standing and praying...which took a bit of a toll on my all too feeble knees. Afterwards, on to another meeting about Spring Loaded. Spring Loaded is in its third year and each year gets better and better. We use Houston Christian High School for the event, with egg hunts, petting zoo, pony rides, inflatiables,food, 42 tournament and things like that. Marsha Taylor is our Volunteer Coordinator and she is doing a fabulous job. From the meeting she and I went to lunch to further discuss Spring Loaded. I thought about staying for Bible study in the evening, but I opted for home. I should have stayed. Beth used Nordstrom's in her teaching. Lisa and I would have probably been standing up giving the Lord and the Nord some praise. Roy got home late-ish and he wanted to go to Sweet Tomatoes for gumbo. So we ate and when we left, we encountered rain and by the time we got home lightning and thunder. I headed straight to bed and missed Lisa's excited phone call about Beth, The Nord, and how God blessed the praise and worship time.

Wednesday is a long day because of Midlink. Had a lot of projects to finish up at work. While I was away from my desk taking care of some things, Pastor Gregg called and asked me to come up with reasons why it is good to be a woman. He read his reasons why it is good to be a man. They were to be humorous in nature. So, that was a ton of fun. I sent him about 10 out of the 20 or so we came up with in the office. Then he chose his top 5. Since I rarely have my cell phone on my desk but in my purse, I had missed several phone calls from Dena. I was taking her to the airport for her flight to India. She wanted me to come earlier and also bring my turbo charger for iPods. With her traveling over and beyond, the messages were Pauline in know bring my cloak and the parchments. So, I ran home at lunch to pick that up and also get some Choc/Peppermint Luna Bars for Dena's trip. She had packed a lot of snack items and I was telling her how good the choc/peppermint is. I picked her up, we prayed and then loaded up the car. Dropped her off and was back at church in no time. When I was able to leave later in the evening, I knew I needed to run to the grocery store. I opted for the play grocery store because of its close proximity to home. Once again the light is out of sync at Memorial and Post Oak. So once I finally got through the light, done my shopping and headed home, I was too pooped to post.

Today, another full day and then of course the exciting drawing of the Nord SPA card. Finished up a little late and came on home. Instead of posting, I opted for a little nap. Orginally Roy had a dinner tonight and I was going to run over to Memorial City. His dinner was changed till tomorrow evening. So instead of Memorial City, I waited till he got home around 7:00 and we went to Buffalo Grille. And to insure I would be awake enough to post, I had their fully leaded cinnamon coffee with my eggs, grits and pancake. Then we ran to the Kroger for a few things Roy wanted to get.

So, here I am finally able to post. I am looking forward to a 90 minute massage tomorrow. And then beginning my study of Get Out of the Pit that I am facilitating in April for the Women's Ministry. And I will have a little more time to post. So that is all the happenings and why I haven't been able to write this week. I have been memed by Lauren and I will do that soon. Not to sound all spiritual but the books beside my computer is my Amplified Bible and the Stepping Up workbook. You'll see why I am saying that when I do my post.


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your aunts and also the crazy smoking of your apartment. What a week. Are you going to post the list you gave Gregg?

Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this post.....and glad to see that your oh-so-full life as a blessed woman is still going full are mustang sally! I do love your "parchment and cloak" metaphor!!!! Enjoy your 90 minutes of deep relax today and think of dana savoring her choc/peppermint bars and blessing you for when will your "pit" study begin?

Lisa Pierre said...

Nancy, yes, I'm sorry to hear about your family losses. That must be hard to take but wonderful to remember their lives.

I'm only certain that you had Dena at the airport HOURS before that international flight. Love Dena.

Oh, and that is so great about your weight loss - we got to talking about that a little the other day and didn't finish. We don't finish many conversations at all anymore. You ARE very busy. Take care.