Saturday, February 2, 2008


It has been a quiet Saturday. I like 'em that way. In a little bit we will need to get ready for the wedding of the week-Steven Murrary's. The wedding is at First, but the reception is at Minute Maid Park, in the train depot. It should be a lot of fun.

Roy is interviewing someone over lunch for an opening in his dept. We were talking this morning that this has been a busy time for him in this season of life. He just about has all his openings filled.

Buddy just woke up, well she was actually forced to wake up because I began cleaning.

This has been an interesting week. Found out there were several classes being offered in Milestones that comes under our department on Monday. I had no clue cause somehow Jason and I didn't communicate. I was able to get rooms booked and there wasn't a need for work requests. Whew... I am still trying to knock out this cold. I was up most of Wednesday night hacking up a lung, so I stayed home on Thursday to take some stronger medicine that knocks me out. So, I think I have turned a corner on the cold. Seems like there are a lot of little things to juggle and balance right now. More than usual. It will all work out, it always does, but sometimes waiting out the solutions is not my best thing.

A couple of months ago, Dena and I went and got our Gaither on by going to the Gaither's Christmas Tour. In that same vein, we went to see Ernie Haas and Signature Sound last night in Clear Lake. I love all kinds of music. I am even beginning to like Courntry and Western, sort of. Anyway, back to yesterday. Dena is my time mapping friend, ya gots to have one of those kind of friends, but she is also in the throes of getting ready to leave for India on a business trip. So, she wasn't sure if we could do our normal thing of going early, having a relaxed dinner and then getting to the concert to check out any shopping opportunities. She checked in around 9:00 am yesterday to say, she didn't know how the day was going to go, but she would call. I went on about the day, getting my hair cut, grocery shopping and running errands. Even took a nap. She called around 4:00 letting me know she was trying to get out of the office and we made our tenative plans. Traffic being what it is on Friday, delayed her trip back into town from the wes- si-ede. She came here, I picked her up out front and headed onto North Post Oak Road where we found traffic backed up. The lights were not cycling correctly. We finally made it to Los Cu Cos, but time was not our friend. We couldn't decide whether to make the trek out to Clear Lake or not. What was decided was not rushing through dinner. Nothing like salsa, chips and Cu Cos to cure all the woes of a week gone by. Once we were full and of course could think much better, we decided to head on down to Clear Lake. We caught the HOV lane downtown and was at Nasa Road 1 in no time. Got to the church and come to find out it was just a few minutes before intermission. Perfect timing for shopping and some coffee and we still heard about 45 minutes worth of the concert. On our way home we decided to stop and get a Coke. We thought we had seen a Sonic, but we were mistaken. So we hopped on over to Lisa P's Chicky. I missed the drive through lane, so I backed up and got in the lane. Just as the Chicky people come on the mic, an officer pulls up beside us. He lectured me on not doing the safe thing and driving around the building. He talked for quite some time and the whole time I was looking at the logo on his truck, Blue Moon Detective Services....oh my gosh, they were the ones that Clara Harris had hired to follow her husband only for them to find him at a hotel where she proceeded to run over him with her Mercedes. With all that going through my head, he kind of sounded like an adult in Charlie Brown, waugh waugh waugh waugh.... Dena and I finally told him we were not from the area. Just as he finished talking with us, the lights went out at Chicky. To his credit, he did try to get them to let us order, but they had been closed for 15 minutes anyway. He told us where we could find a Sonic, but I exited at the wrong place and was afraid to back up, which is what got me in trouble in the first place, to go the correct direction. We just got on the feeder road and got back to our side of town and did the McDonald drive through.

I better finish up around here. My spell checker is not working, so forgive me for any misspellings. Has anyone else had this happen to them on blogger?


Dana said...

Amy K. took me to Los Cucos for the first time this week. I loved it. They have an amazing green sauce!

And the shrimp stuffed avocado wasn't half bad either.

Hope you feel better soon, we gotta watch some football!

Ali said...

There's a spell check on blogger?? Other than Pluto???

Please tell me what a Minute Maid is. I'm interested (and maybe a little fearful!) to find out where this recetion was!