Monday, February 25, 2008

A Sillary and Kooky Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons got to love them, mine usually include a nap. This particular Sunday afternoon found me venturing into The Galleria, more specially Nordstrom's. My personal shopper had called to let me know some Flax pants and tops were in. She doesn't work any nights, so I had to venture into the church/shopping and crazy traffic of Sunday noon. It was worth the venture because I did find a pair of Flax pants but that's not all. Found some Michael Kors jeans that are actually 35 inches long. Much as he hangs out with the skinny Nina and Hedi on the Project, he designed jeans for the ample, read fat, tall woman. I lurve him! I also found a yellow swing jacket and two red jackets, one of which will go back. Two different shades of red, which one will go best with several pairs of pants I have in mind? Don't know yet.

As I left The Galleria via Westheimer and Post Oak, I ran into some of these on all four corners of the street.

Since Sunday was a beautiful day, I had the top down on Mustang Sally. So in the midst of Hillary lovers, I am vulnerable to all of them approaching me. The people were yelling honk if you love Hillary. Honk if you support Hillary. I merely turned up the tunes on 92.1 to drown out the noise. That is when it happened. The car in front of me took too long to respond to the green light, so I honked. That sent the crowd of supporters into a frenzy. No, that honk wasn't for Hillary I am yelling at them, it was to move this slow Subaru in front of me. Don't take nothing supportive about the honk, I am apathetic and don't really care about the political process of life. I know I should care, but I am too busy with determining which shade of red jacket goes well with my pants.

This week we received a letter from The Play Grocery Store otherwise known as Rice Epicurean. It seems a woman was attacked in front of the River Oak's store. We were being assured of the security in place and to continue shopping at Rice. I didn't think it would happen to me, but I was attacked outside of the San Felipe store. I believe this picture will identify my attackers...

They wore green and the assaulted my taste buds with this

Not only did I buy several packages of Thin Mints, I bought 2 boxes of their new cinnamon variety packaged in 100 calorie bags.

I cannot really identify any of my attackers other than to say, they were sweet, polite and knew how to give back change without using a calculator. Made me want to buy several more boxes, but I am sure I will see them next time I go to the Play grocery store.

I cannot indulge too much in the Thin Mints. I don't want to return the long tall jeans for a larger size. Or have to keep both jackets due to some minty chocolate found on the sleeve.


Amanda said...

Ha ha! Very cute and clever post.

Dana said...

I am apathetic and don't really care about the political process of life.

Me either. But for me it's because it's like trying to pick the lesser of many evils.

Ali said...

This is just too funny. I REALLY want to go shopping with you.

How about in Boston in three weeks time?

Lisa Pierre said...

My attacker for girl scout cookies was at church. religious attackers!
I hope to God I never eat one of them!