Friday, February 8, 2008

Fabulous Friday

This has been a much anticipated and needed day. Slept in a bit, had a leisurely breakfast, paid some bills, and then got ready for my appointment at The Nord. My original plans had been to arrive at the Galleria around 10:00, but it didn’t happen. I arrived a few minutes early though for my appointment with Stacy. She is the best and she did my massage a little differently today. For a good part of the treatment, she and I talked. I thought talking wasn’t allowed, but she said she has clients that talk through the whole thing. We talked of life, God being more than someone we just talk to on Sunday and SPA related subjects. She tells me I would love the Vichy shower. The Vichy shower is the carrot I have put out in front of me as a reward for losing weight. I like my challenges to scare me just a bit and the Vichy does just that. I don’t know if I am up to the vulnerability of that treatment. But what interested me were the coffee exfoliation and the mocha wrap. She says the staff stands at the door just to take in a fragrance reminiscent of Starbucks. It might just be too much for this coffee lover to take.

After a good sit in the relaxation room, I was out into the store to take back a blouse and then find a cute linen jacket and pants for summer. I also checked out shoes and cosmetics. Lunch was a lemon peach smoothie.
Everywhere I went today, the top of Mustang Sally was down. A gorgeous day for sure and after making a brief stop at home, I was off to Memorial City. There were coupons burning a hole in my pocket. Before I left for home, I stopped in the handbag department in Macy’s. The purse I bought at The Nord a couple of weeks ago was marked 25% off. So, I bought the purse and will take the Nord purse back. In doing so, I am saving about $140.00. I have not used the Nord purse and in fact, it has not even left the bag it came in. I am pretty happy about that savings.

On the way home Roy called and his dinner tonight has been changed. So, he was on his way home. Miracle…it was before 5:00. We ate at China Love and it was great as usual. Now he is here working on some contracts, but it is very nice to have him home. He doesn’t usually read his fortune cookie, but tonight he did. It said, “You’ll accomplish more later if you take some time for yourself.” Truer words were never spoken.

Yesterday afternoon I had a very nice surprise, Dena called from Dubai. She had a three hour layover. Her Blackberry wasn’t working, so she called just to let me know she had arrived there safe and rested. This morning I had an email from her. They had made it to Mumbai and they had been in the office most of the day. I thought their big party was last night, but it is next Friday night. The IT Dept got her Blackberry working internationally, so she is able to communicate from the hotel.

If you think about it, please be praying for my cousins tomorrow. My cousin Becky sent me an email today. There had been a devastating tornado in their area and it touched down a half of a mile from her florist shop. In its path it destroyed five restaurants and her competitor in the floral business. So not only is Becky taking care of her mother’s funeral flowers and service, she has 3 other funerals to prepare flowers for. Family begins arriving today, her sister’s family from Atlanta and her brother’s family from Iowa. My cousins are Becky, Lois and Mark. The understatement is, Becky is a tad overwhelmed.

That is it for now. I will probably post more tomorrow.

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