Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thematic Deliveries Today

Pay dirt on deliveries to the home today. My Nordy makeup order, my Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray for my fine hair, the herbs I take for knee pain and my second order of Stop Pain Now all arrived for my pick up. Seems to be a theme here, you know from the books I am reading, don't look old and for goodness sake, don’t act old. Add all the knee junk for don't walk old. I did just that in my journey down to the office to get all this stuff, well actually I have been doing that all day. Cue Arrowsmith...walk this way... Some walk tall, some walk proud, some walk like a man, I walk like an 80 year old on a good day. Almost every Sunday I get inspired to actually do something about my knees. Many Sundays I am in our 9:10 which is more traditional in nature, which means lots of older folks in their 70’s and 80’s stumbling and bumbling along and there I am in the midst of them. It’s just sad. I will have several good knee days in a row and I become all confident that all the meds I take have permanently kicked in, but reality always has a different plan.

Actually, I am hoping all the Smashbox cosmetics will kick in. How can I go wrong with Photo Finish, Artificial Light, Photo Op and new eye shadow? Not very likely! Consistency of use will be problematic as it usually is for me.

Last night I was seeing if I could put a You Tube video on my blog. I always could put the link, but didn’t know how to actually do the video. So, when I saw I had Karen up and posted, I decided no words were needed. Karen speaks and sings for herself. I am glad so many commented of their affection for all things Carpenters. I have posted this on Mildred and Gertrude, but I re-wrote Superstar for our Preschool Minister.

Long ago, back in a distant day
I said I'd volunteer
but only for the day.
Your pleadings, they were so sweet and clear
now that just one day
has turned to twenty years.
Don't you remember you told me
it's just a few babies.
I said I'd think about it and say maybe.
Now it's babies, babies, babies oh more babies
they're everywhere
even in my hair.

Someone in our office suite is not turning off the toaster oven in our workroom after they use it. Thankfully, the place hasn’t burned down and the quick action of young sniffers has prevented anything from coming of this. Looks like we will have to post another sign. Any ideas of something witty that will get our toast burner s attention?

Have to give some props to the hubby, he sent flowers today. Not only red roses but a cute little teddy bear and some Godiva chocolates. Roy always points out the name should be Go-Diva. I shared the candy and put the roses and teddy bear on the table next to my desk. If I remember to bring my camera tomorrow, I will take a picture of them. And he is bringing home pizza for dinner. I love that man!

The past few weeks I realize that I have been too "big picture" in my walk with the Lord. In my spirit I hear Him speak, Embrace the Moment and excel in the ordinary. Seems like I have had the tendancy to rush through the daily and mundane and not look for Him in those moments. Oh, dinner has arrived, so I will continue this thought on a later post.

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courtney said...

Roy and I can be friends. I call it "Go-Diva" too. Mike gave me a BIG box of their dark chocolates yesterday. mmm...