Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Hero

Friday morning I was back in our bedroom reading when I heard a noise of something hitting a window. I came out to the living room to see Buddy on point or as on point as a cat is going to get. She was stalking and hunting something and I hoped whatever had her attention was outside in between the window and the screen. No such luck, a wasp was buzzing around the window. I hate bugs! Buzzing,crawling or sitting still minding their own bug business, I hate them. What I hated even more is the thought of Buddy being bitten by a wasp. Wasps bite, bees sting. I could not get Buddy off the window seat to some place safe. I didn't want to use bug spray around Buddy, so I did the next best thing. I ran back to the Tressmee Hair salon, Project Runway reference, which only means I ran back to the bathroom to get my Tressmee hair spray. And that is how Buddy and I killed the wasp. She had it trapped and I ratted, teased and styled that wasp to death.

Buddy cuddled up in her basket to bask in the sunlight coming through the window and fell fast asleep. Her nerves were probably shot from all my screaming and styling. Buddy probably had the situation under control on her own. She is my hero.

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Lisa Pierre said...

that is too cute.
Just know that I am entirely ticked, as I know you must know, that I've not met Buddy yet! After an invite, pressure-pressure, the ticking will stop. Then I don't know when it will be that I actually meet Buddy still.