Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just Some Thursday Thoughs

This has been one long week of work. There is so much to be done and just one of me to do it. I am juggling Spring Loaded, Broken for You Service, getting the committee spreadsheet set for Deacon approval, the various odds and ends of working for Jason (this deserves its own post) and taking RSVP”s for lunches, meetings and all other manner of work associated with being the Ministries Associate. This doesn’t include all the changes for the March listing of Bible Studies classes on Sunday and helping Jason get ready for his Ministries staff day retreat. In between all of the must do things, I have set up counseling and therapy talks with friends and co-workers alike. No, I am not a licensed counselor, but I have spent enough money seeing one to be one. My role mainly is a listener and head nodder. I have a Milestone spreadsheet hanging over my head that needs dedicated time to work through, but with so many interruptions, I can’t get the work completed. Today Jason asked me to find out some information about the Anita Renfro Momsense DVD…I panic thinking it is something that Pastor Gregg needs this Sunday. Nope more like Mother’s Day.

Every church, organization and business has one of these, a person who though means well in all their suggestions, drives everyone batty because of all the calls and or emails which are non- stop, on how everything from growing plants to moving a kitchen to plasma TVs should be handled. . Nothing ever positive, always negative and wonder of wonders, this person has the solution to this and all your problems in this little bottle. Vitameatavegimin. Oops, went I Love Lucy for a moment. Extra portions of God’s agape love are much needed in dealing with people like this, although to almost a person it is agreed, whether it be a church, organization or business it would be just so much easier to knock them upside the head. These are people with much too much time on their hands. They need to get a job. Yes, a job where we could all take turns calling them and making suggestions that no one can take seriously. These kinds of people need friends whose top spiritual gift is mercy. That would not be me.

People have this misconception about me, that I am totally adventuresome. They think I am a free spirit. That I would take off and travel Route 66 just for the heck of it. Or that I would drop everything for the chance to travel in third world countries. No that person is not me. I am more adventuresome in the area of speaking my mind or saying things that everyone is thinking but has the good grace to keep their mouths closed. My therapist named it my fearless zone. Even the Birkman test I took backed up this fact about me is. When I see something unjust or wrong, I question it. I have a tendency to be adventuresome in my questioning of it. Then saying something about it usually in a funny way. Thousands of dollars later spent in counseling, I am not so quick to say an off the cuff remark. It can happen though. The fearless zone is kind of a fun zone for me, but the emotional energy it takes, has a toll. I am living dangerously near the fearless zone these days. Need to step back from it, but dang, I haven’t done that. Some may think, oh fearless zone at work??? Nope, just in life in general. OK, I did go fearless and tell someone they need to stop wearing pantyhose with sandals. But they asked me my opinion on it and I gave it, maybe a bit too gleefully.

Today, there was a luncheon for adoptive parents. No, we are not contemplating adoption at this late time of life, it was sponsored under Ministries. I had ordered the tea, water and tablecloths. When I came to the room to get things set up, the drinks were there but no tablecloths. I went back to my FSR to see if I even had remembered to order them, I had. Went down to the kitchen to pick them up and they told me an older lady had picked them up. You see the only older lady who should be picking them up is me. Several had seen her and heard her say she was picking up the cloths for room 143. She left running down the hall. I am thinking that some old lady just got some free tablecloths. Stranger things have happened.

Maybe this is why I have been thinking about my tennis days so much this week. Strange and odd happenings have increased. Is there a full moon this week?

This certainly has been a week of ordinary. Some moments very sacred, some moments scared and many moments of keeping my eyes on the Lord cause my flesh was screaming for attention. The calm moments are easier to embrace and the aggravating moments quick to be dismissed. I keep on the journey, my heart set on pilgrimage.

Oh, I finally made an appointment to see a new orthopedic about my left knee. Well, really both of my knees. I have a March 11th appointment.


Dana said...

I am so glad you are finally going to the doctor.

Anonymous said...

You knew this question was coming - but, who was it that picked up the linens? And, did they get to Room 143 for you? Ha! You know me - always thinking about work - well, maybe not "always" anymore. :)

jsi said...

Not only was there a full moon this week, but a full lunar eclipse on Wed. evening. It was spectacular! The next one you will get to see is in 2010.

Profbaugh said...

Oh man, Nancy. I think we must be kindred spirits. It's a good thing we're not in the same church--same state for that matter (tee hee)!

Pantyhose with sandals? What was she thinking????

Love ya sis,

Anonymous said...

What a week! It was a full moon. . .and several were taking advantage of it!


Anonymous said...

Bless you for your adventuresome sandal-sans-pantyhose suggestion!!!! Would sign up for a "counselingsession" myself if i was adventurous enough to "reveal my identity"