Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day. Just being about all the love. Roy did good with the flowers, candy and teddy bear. It is really more than the gift though. I am thankful for a wonderful and loving husband. He works hard, loves me a whole bunch, takes good care of me and Buddy and he walks in love, God's love. Roy would be embarrassed if he knew I was telling you this, but every morning in his quiet time, he reads I Corinthians 13. And reads I John too. If I ask him to bring me a Diet Coke or help me carry in groceries or just about anything, he says I would love to. The past five years he has helped me with every extra event or special program I take part in that is connected with my job. Last year we quite didn't know what to do with ourselves cause we didn't have a Married Young Adult event to help put on for Valentine's Day.

Roy is the romantic between the two of us. He is thoughtful and plans wonderful surprises. One of the most romantic things he does is make dinner for us. My salad has the words I Love You written out in cut tomatoes. He stays true in the tedious and doesn't loose his patience. He has successfully untangled so many necklaces for me. He is generous and I think would give me the moon if I asked for it. He loves that I love The Nord.

I have come home tonight from work tired. It is now 8:30 and he is just getting home. The first thing he asked if there was anything he could do for me? No, I am good. So he is watching Fox News.

Valentine's Day is also a fun day to let our friends know we appreciate them and love them. I have much to be thankful for.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to a lady I appreciate very much!

Jess Martinez said...

Happy Valentines Day Nancy! You bless me beyond words!

jsi said...

In cut tomatoes - fabulous!
A necklace untangler - you have a gem!

Your sweetie sounds like he draws love out of many places throughout the day.

This world needs fewer general's with ammunition expertise and more tenderhearted patience givers who are willing to untangle a problem, no matter how long it takes.

Your life sounds as if your marriage has a blessing within the lining, a God-given gift received and treasured.

When my young friends ask me how I can tolerate the restrictive boundaries of marriage and submission, I can only respond with tenderness - I am compelled by love because he treats me with love. I follow him because I trust him, (not exactly the places or circumstances mind you) but I trust him - he has never let me down or abandoned me.

And though he is the sentimental one within our couple, he would never sully his hands with tomato guts just to get his point across. He loves me and my vegetable passion, but there is a line he cannot travel across, and veggie-cide is part of that line.

What a great post you have today! Happy Valentine's Day

Lisa Pierre said...

tee hee hee
the BOYS!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Love you and appreciate you so much! Glad we finally had a chance to catch up the other day!

The Powell Family said...

Hey Nanc!

I spotted you on someone's blog-how are you? We miss you guys...seems like we've been gone forever. Life is great here-crazy busy. Church is going well, and is such a blessing. Speaking of-did you know we have another little blessing on the way? I know, nuts! Fill me in on you and Roy!