Saturday, February 9, 2008

Here and There, My Thought Process is Everywhere

Just a few random ramblings from this past week.

Stacy mentioned during my massage yesterday that the SPA should know of planned fire drills. Now you know that set off alarms in me. I have written before of irrational fears and now this can be added to the list, fire drill during a massage. You just have to put on the robe and go outside for a fire drill. Yea, while everybody else is clothed. So for a moment there, I began to plan my future of always having my wallet and keys with me so I can make a quick exit in case of faux fire. But reality got a hold of me, really, what are the odds that this will happen when I am there? Of course by just writing about a fire drill probably made the odds go up considerably.

Whenever I have a few free minutes and I want to be nostalgic, I go to and look at the town where I was born. There is a bird’s eye view feature and that gives the ability to get close to landmarks I search for. I look at my Grandparent’s house on S. Illinois street. An addition has been made to the house, but the surrounding homes I remember from childhood look the same. Gone is Riverside Elementary school across the street and what we cousins affectionately called the junk store on the corner. In that store a quarter could go a long way in purchase power of candy. I think I always bought wax lips and wax bottles that had some kind of sugar flavored water in them. Fizzies was my drink of choice. Two tablets in a glass of water, they fizzed like Alka Seltzer which made the drink entertaining before drinking and the choice of flavors seemed unending. My least favorite flavor was root beer. I would rather have the real thing. I have seen Fizzies at the Play Grocery store for $2.95. I don’t think I will be purchasing Fizzies any time soon, but would rather remember childhood memories of a great and refreshing drink. I noticed the Shell station around the block from my grandparent’s home is gone too. I am remembering summer nights and falling asleep to the ding of the cord that cars drove over to let the attendants know there was a customer who needed a fill-up or some other kind of car service. Down the street from my grandparents is John’s Hill School and Park. It is still there I learned how to throw a baseball like a boy there, being taught by my grandfather. We spent hours playing there because of the swings, merry go round, jungle gyms and slides. My grandparent’s church was in walking distance of their home. I loved going to VBS with my cousins there and Sunday School. A couple of years ago, I was in Baptist Temple here in Houston. As Peggy and I were looking for the Fellowship Hall, I could not get over that the floor plan of Baptist Temple was very similar to Riverside. All I needed to complete the memory were the heels of my patent leather Mary Janes hitting the linoleum floor. The last time I was in that town, I was 23 years old. I move the mouse around the map to see if I still remember how to get to my grandma’s home across town. Yep, 51 to 121. My Grandma B’s home is still there too. Although all the trees cover most of the house from an aerial view and the orchard that was behind the house has been cleared away. Spending my growing up summers in that town are some of my happiest childhood memories. I guess thinking about my Aunt Leah and Aunt Guyneth this week prompted me to go back and visit It was a very nice aerial visit on Tuesday night.

In preparation of the Worship Center construction, the music ministry has been cleaning out storage areas and nostalgia has free rein from those of us who remember Pageant from days gone by. I picked up a few things for Peggy and I got an orange hat out of it for Mildred. I think Peggy laid claim to the bigger than life costumed dog heads and a few other things. In fact Gerald was at the church this week and I don’t know if it was to lay claim to some pieces or just for a visit. There have been periodic cleanings throughout the years, but I think this was the biggest wholesale cleaning of them all. I heard that the dumpster was filled in no time. It is good to clean out and begin anew. Pageant days are over and to be honest with you and I thought this while I was a choir member and not on staff, I thought they should have been over long before Pageant was let go. In hindsight, Pageant should have ended when Gerald retired. It would have made dealing with the realities of the future not be so long and ongoing. Granted, it would have hurt at the time, but the wound would be healed by now. To the choir’s credit, they have made the biggest and most adjustments of any group in the church. In many minds it is tempting to hold on to the past and the glory years. People do this all the time in their appearance, especially women. They keep the same look as in their glory days but in reality their appearance looks dated, passed by and oddly out of place.

That is a great transition into the books I have been reading. Dena let me borrow two of her books, “How Not to Look Old” and “Forever Cool.” So far this is what I have put into practice, pink lipstick not dark, bangs to the side, and current eyewear. Also, the scent of grapefruit takes 6 years off you age in a man’s view. Stacy told me a true story that happened to her. She had sprizted on grapefruit scent before a date. Problem is, it draws fruit flies. So be careful where you wear it. Also before reading the book I outsourced my brow work which to keep up with your brows is how not to look old. Hi-lights are helpful and less is more on eye shadow, two shades max. “ Forever Cool” is a visual book of what not to wear if you want to keep current and not look outdated. I like these books because you don’t lose yourself in the process. Mainly it is little things you can do without much expense or time. I love the advice of not looking too matchy matchy. Basically, I am downright lazy when it comes to changing out purses with outfits etc… Since my hair salon is moving, I liked the idea of going to a different stylist to get out of the routine look. Last week when I saw Veronica, I told her I thought she had morphed my haircut back into how I used to wear it. I wanted the New York cut she gave me several months ago. She did a great job, but I think I might go to Cassi’s friend next month to see what she would recommend. By the time Dena gets home, I should have the books read and some of the tips in practice.

I better get a move on. Have things to do and a few errands to run. Thanks for reading my randomness.


Dana said...

Your home town sounds wonderful...

And friend, you are always rocking stylish!

Lisa Pierre said...

Remember the cinnamon-flavored toothpicks? My friend JJ gave me and Brantley one after our lunch at Lupe's. That took me wayyyy back too.

Ali said...

Um, sorry to do this to you, but you've been tagged. You'll have to look at my blog to see all the instructions.

Blame Dana ;-)