Friday, February 8, 2008

Top Reasons for Being a Woman

These are the top reasons that I gave Gregg for being a woman. I was playing around with a Proverbs 31 type thing about being the only ones that get called blessed in the morning, but I never could come up with wording I liked. One that I didn't send him because his being a man, he would never get is, how a new lipstick can change our whole outlook on life or even just by putting on lipstick our whole attitudes change. I will bold the ones that he picked.

* We can get out of speeding tickets just by crying
* One word: Oprah
* We can watch one channel at a time and not be bored
* No one expects us to know or be able to fix anything underneath the hood. We don't have to change flat tires either.
* We got off the Titanic first
* Waiters always give the check to the man
* We understand the need for multiple pairs of shoes in the same color. It's not about the color, it's about the style
* We know 20 ways to fix chicken

* We can go to a movie with a friend without needing an empty chair between us
* We can blame everything on hormones
* If the house is a mess when company arrives, we can always blame our husbands
* If we get a pimple, we have makeup
* No comb overs


Becky Kiser said...

those are awesome. it is so great being a woman. :)

Jess Martinez said...

LOVE them all!

SO funny!

Ali said...

No combovers is definitely a good one.

Amanda said...

Amen and amen. I blame something new on hormones all the time.

Dana said...

Hormones! That's why your blog makes me cry!!!

See Lisa? :)

Lisa Pierre said...

Dana, I see now. Don't hold me too long to the thing I said months ago, ok?

Dana said...

Oh girl you are right....

But it is fun teasing back and forth...