Monday, March 10, 2008

This and That on a Rainy Monday

Tomorrow is a big day. I have an appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor for my knees. I will post any news tomorrow.

Spring Loaded is over for another year. We had about 2000 come for pony rides, petting zoo, silly string, egg hunts, bounce houses and slides and of course the delicious fixins of the Student Ministry at First Baptist. I will post some random pictures that I took through out the day.

I got caught in the biggest downpour today. I had an appointment this morning and making my way into work was tough. If snow causes white out conditions, rain was causing gray out conditions. I could barely see the cars in front of me. I debated on pulling over or continuing on while the streets weren't flooded. Got to church and the rain tapered off so I could go in.

My parents went to a birthday party on Saturday and ran into my Sunday School teacher who taught me in the 3rd and then again in the 5th grade. She told my mom a story that I have no recollection of, but I do remember that I didn't act up in her class. Throughout my childhood you could pretty much bank on it, that I would be messing up the lesson on any given Sunday. It got to the point that my mom would contact my new SS teacher right after promotion Sunday. She cut to the chase cause she knew the visit would eventually be made by the teacher. I was one of those students you loved but hated. I religiously studied my lesson all week, not to be able to mark the box on my offering envelope, but to know it through and through to confront the teacher and expose her weakness. Been trained to do that kind of thinking all my life, raised to argue and never show any weakness, so everything was a competition for me. As I have written before, I am so glad God set me free from that kind of thinking and arguing. I am doing the Ministries Staff Devotion tomorrow and going to use some of this in my devo.

Well, I better finish all the paperwork for my Doctor visit tomorrow. Stay dry if you are in the Houston area.


Courtney said...

omg... i did not know about this appointment. i cant wait to hear what happens

Anonymous said...

Praise God! you won't be confronting and exposing the doctor's poor weaknesses. (after doing said paperwork)....anyway he'll be The Best and fix you right up!! p.s. May everyone be blessed by your devo....well i now it will be The Lord who does the actual Blessing...but you know what i mean...just hope noone argues, confronts or exposes you! Enjoy the beautiful day!!!!

Anonymous said...

p.p.s. i keep forgetting to ask you how your "traveljournal" is coming along. sounds like you've done some serious travelling since elementary S.S.