Monday, June 7, 2010

The Cardiologist Tomorrow but Bunko Tonight

OK, you know you are old when you have to practically carry the pharmacy with you while traveling. One morning I decided to take a picture of everything I take in a given day and once looking at the picture I realized that my journal, Diet Coke, blood monitoring thing and a book hidden under the green bag, go along with all those pills that keep me going, that keep me alive. Because Diet Coke, journaling and reading are wonderful life supports for me.

Tomorrow is a big day. Well, actually all days are big days but tomorrow is my 6 month check up with the cardiologist. It has been six months since my health world was turned upside down once again. I'm praying for no more upside down diagnoses tomorrow. As it seems to be always, I have a few things to be concerned over namely kidneys and liver but I've been praying and asking the Lord for some settling down in those organs but that visit is in another week and it all meshes together with all the Dr's involved. Oh yes, I do love me a run on sentence... I need to return to the opthomalogist and have my eyes checked again. The eyes of Texas, on this old girl, have changed for about the fourth time and now my new glasses make most things blurry. I am not complaining because at least I'm not wearing two pairs of glasses to be able to read. New glasses are still working fine for that.

Something that I began on my second cardiologist visit in 2008 was a heart journal. I write my thoughts and prayers in it for my heart. I always write something the morning of a visit and put down my thoughts and sometimes a fear or two, but always a laugh about the visit and gratefulness to the Lord. Then after the appointment, I write down what the Dr has told me and if any further instructions for the coming days. This is one Dr appointment that I try to actually be early. Not because I'm getting older and that is what older people do, arrive really early for Dr appointments, but I go early because the parking garage is a b____, no it is a mess. It is my habit just to go straight to the top and park where there are plenty of places. Only now, they have gates that restrict us patients from being able to maneuver anywhere in the garage. So I'm with all those Crown Vics and Town Cars circling the garage. I'm at a definite handicap because I don't have a handicap sticker or card.
I do know that I won't have to worry about the weigh in. I know I have lost weight since the last time I was there. They make you keep your shoes on while weighing, so I always wear flip flops even on the coldest of winter days. Don't want shoes adding any ounces to the total. And I wear the lightest clothes possible. If I have to do the echo cardiogram, I hope I can get the tech or the nurse to lay out the paper top you have to wear. I tear it at all the wrong places when I try to undo the stupid thing.
Tonight we have Bunko and I cannot think of a better way to end a Monday evening that goes into a Tuesday morning doctor appointment. I am ready to roll some sixes! Steal some Bunkos! Oh and have wonderful Christian fellowship.


Erin said...

i know he will be so impressed with you, nancy! i am praying for a great appt!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Praying you get a good report....My husband is also seeing the cardiologist....tomorrow...had problems on our trip...I love your posts....always feel like I know you...