Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joy From Daily Living

  • Naps-I have had some of the best naps lately. I had gotten out of the habit of napping but who knows, can it be the new bed or the fatigue I've felt lately that is wooing me to nap. Don't really know but I'm giving into naps while there is time in the day.
  • Home grown tomatoes-these are rocking my world right now. Along with napping my habit has become tomato sandwiches at lunch. Delicious!
  • Peaches-this is a great time of the year when fruit is so good. Even the strawberries have been exceptionally good this year. Haven't bought a tasteless container yet. The Costco strawberries have been the best.
  • Reading pile-Wow! I'm excited about the stack of books next to the rocker. I have several books going, The Swan House, Utopia, and Suck in Your Stomach and Put on Some Lipstick (advice from Southern mamas)
  • Lavender-from laundry detergent to shampoo to body lotion, it's all good.
  • Pecan Pancakes at Pappasita's-these are the bomb! They are the best pancakes! To be honest the whole breakfast is awesome. Saturday and Sundays 9:30-2:00. Only 2 Pappasita's do the Saturday time. Don't know where the other one is, but I-10 near the Beltway is where we hang out on Saturday mornings. No crowds like at all the other breakfast places on Saturday.
  • New bed-ah, wonderful night's full of sleep and no waking up with aching muscles.
  • Connecting with friends from the past-and now present and future. I have so enjoyed my conversation and emails and Facebooking with my friend Mary Madeline. What a joy it's been!
  • As always Roy-he is the best! He has always been a great provider and take care of things kind of guy, but he is doing double duty again. We will soon be celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary.
  • Plateau-I'm not gaining weight and not losing any right now. I've kind of plateaued but once I get back from Destin, I will hit it full force. So I'm thankful for some time to practice maintenance because it seems to me that will be harder than losing.
  • A/C-it's Houston people...nuff said.

You know I could always write about friends or The Nord but I thought I'd go with what came to mind maybe a little out of the ordinary. No there is nothing really out of the ordinary on my list and the list is full of stuff I've been enamored with lately. For that 1% organized part of me, I now feel better that I've made a list.

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