Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whirlwind Updates

This time tomorrow I should be the owner of a 4 G phone, not an iPhone because we are with Sprint, but one of those Google Android type phones.  Good thing I have had my Nook to practice touch screen.  Too many times my email doesn't come on my Blackberry and it is so slow.  We've needed to upgrade Roy's personal phone, so this is as good time as any to make all this happen.  Now Roy will actually be able to text instead of always emailing, which you have already learned doesn't always make it to me.  He is going back tomorrow to get the contact info changed over and all that kind of stuff.  You cannot believe Sprint about their rebates.  We have sent the paperwork in every time and we have yet to see a check in return.  I mentioned this to one of the salesmen standing around.  His solution, they will staple everything together for us.  What?  You think that is why we haven't gotten the rebates?  Me think that Sprint takes the chance you will forget all about it.  So, Roy is addressing that with the Sprint person helping us.  Roy went there after taking the Camry in for maintenance and before meeting me at Pappasito's for...lunch.  :(  Oh pecan pancakes, how you are missed.  Anyway, after our delicious lunch we ran by Sprint a few minutes for me to look at the phones and make a choice.  Then Roy headed onto his photography class. 

Lunch at Pappisito's was different but good today.  For the first time in a long time, Nathan actually had to wait while we made our food choices.  I went with the soup and a lean pulled pork taco, which by the way was muy bueno!  Roy went with the tried and true chicken fajitas.  I'm trying to make good food choices because my cholesterol was up this time.  I was so surprised that my blood glucose readings for the past 3 months were really good.  I was more nervous about that.  For so long they have had me concentrating on carbs, but now I will need to be more attentive to fat and fat content.  Too bad it can't be contented fat. 

Yesterday afternoon we looked at several town homes in and around where we live.  Most so far have been too small.  We looked at a big one and it is the one we have really liked, it needs so much work.  Original avocado green stove and ancient dishwasher, in the same lovely hue.  Love the vintage crown molding and back patio but the family room is 1970's panelling.  It felt so Brady Bunch.  In fact I felt so young and alive being surrounded by the 70's.  Why it was as if we had gone back in time in Mr. Peabody's "way back" machine.  (vintage cartoon reference)  It was high school, college, first real job and marriage all in a moment of time.  Then reality hit.  Bathrooms need to be brought into 2011, lighting fixtures with swag chains, and the little 70's built in desk which has no room for modem cables to hook up a computer.   The kitchen needs upgrading but that is not a deal breaker for me because we all know how much time I like to spend in the kitchen.  The MOST dangerous room in the home and where the majority of accidents happen.  It's all about safety people.  Tomorrow we are going out with our agent to look at several other properties.  While we are looking at all these different places, House Hunters is playing through my mind.  You know we are standing there looking at the homes saying stuff like, oh this is my closet.  Or this isn't open enough for us.  Oh granite counter tops...OK, I don't think we saw any yesterday, so we didn't say that except when we were telling Cassandra, we would like granite counter tops.  When it took a lot of muscle and effort to get the door open on one of these homes, I thought this would not make the cut if we were on the program.  I like how the lady says dollars.  "the Smiths are looking through this charming neighborhood and their budget is hundreds of thousands and millions of Dah--- lars. 

So with house hunting going on, I'm trying to get us in the ready position stuff wise.  We did a major clear out last year and this year it is more fine tuning.  Just went through a bunch of costume jewelery and a lot of it is going to Goodwill.  Ours is a never ending culling of books and I'm trying to decide if I want to keep my china that looks like a 22 old picked out or do away with it all together.  Not so much into having fancy dinner parties.  We are also contemplating what furniture is not going to make the move with us and making a list of what we will need to purchase.  And because Roy is an attention to detail guy, a spread sheet that will help us be good stewards and budget for furnishings accordingly.  We are like First Baptist, debt free and we would like to stay that way...and I assume First wants that as well.  Well, we will have a mortgage payment but thanks to Excel and Roy's tedious patience with all things numbers, he is designing a plan for that to be eliminated too. 

Life is going by quickly here in 2011. Lots of changes, new adventures now with new glasses that I can really see out of, I actually feel like I'm experiencing everything clearly; not through a fuzzy haze.  Oh that is not a continued 70's reference.  I didn't ever do drugs.  So my fuzzy haze is organic. 

Oh and just this week I upgraded my blogging program.  Why didn't I know this had been added?  It is so much easier to add photos now and you can move them all around.  Love it.  I do miss the "no misspellings found" though.  It was always a goal to be encouraged by seeing that at the top of the posting box.  Oh didn't happen that often anyway.


Amanda said...

I would like to request a post dedicated to your china.

Erin said...

If you don't plan on selling your china and just goodwill it or something, please let me know,...I collect tea cups/saucers and it would be so fun to have a Nancy cup! :)