Monday, February 21, 2011

A Fun but Exhausting Weekend

As morning starts and nail polish fades, a 9:45 am appointment at the spa been made.  What a great way to kick off the start of a Monday morning.  Monique did my pedicure this morning and she is awesome!  I think I will be a repeat client.  I know many won't believe this but I had my appointment at the Nord and left...without shopping.  Really, I can do that.  So many of y'all have expressed your unbelief that I would move a far distance from the Nord.  West Park Toll Road will make the Nord more accessible.  What I think I will miss more than the Nord is...The Play Grocery Store.  Egads!  I might have to cook.  Of course I'm telling myself that with a gas cook top, I will be cooking and happy to do so because of the even temperatures that gas cook tops provide.  Yes, I also tell myself those size smaller jeans are going to fit one day, very soon, very near future, maybe even tomorrow.  Oh the stories we tell ourselves.  Since Dena works close by to our new abode she teasingly volunteered to pick up those things I need from the Play Grocery Store and I can pick them up from her at the office.  She was being funny.  I'm taking that offer seriously.  For now it looks like the closest grocery store to us is a H.E.B.  Don't hate, but I'm not a big fan of H.E.B.  There is a Kroger over yonder a bit on 99, so I may make the long trek there until something else is built closer to us.  But I'm not saying I will never stop at the H.E.B.  It is close to Hobby Lobby and you know the amount of trips I make there.  Well, I have been there once and it was that Hobby Lobby. 

In the previous post I wrote about the hectic Friday afternoon we had.  Even as tired and happy as we were when we got home Friday evening, it took a while to settle down.  Both of us were so wired and excited.   Saturday I went to Catha's wedding shower.  It was such a fun gathering of friends.  Love these times to catch up with those whose paths don't cross mine very often.  Before going to the shower I stopped in at Le Peep for pancakes. I enjoy breakfast with a good book, although my first choice of companion for pancakes is Roy.  Roy was at the zoo with his photography class.  The zoo opens up for photographers every once in a while at 7:00 am.  You pay for this perk, but it is great because the crowds aren't overwhelming.  He took some awesome pictures and I will probably post a few later this week. 

Saturday afternoon Dena and I had a late lunch/early dinner at Pappasito's.  We had a blast getting caught up with each other's lives.  We drove out to Katy so she could see our lot and then headed back in via the West Park Toll Road to the Nord.  I had a couple of things to return and of course we both wanted to peruse a few departments.  I did buy a new purse.  I had Christmas money, a gift card and a Nordstrom Note to use for the purchase.  Of course Sunday is church and after church we had lunch with David and Emily.  Lots of fun and laughs with those two.  Once we got home I grabbed a quick nap before we headed back out to Katy to see if the lot we wanted would really be ours.  Praise the Lord, the couple on the lot next to the one we want, who are building the same style of house as ours decided to move to the other lot that had become available so they could have a pool.  The section we are in due to easements, can't have pools in the back yard.  We also went over paperwork and the contract that Roy had read and noted.  We made our design center appointments and we were good to go.  We have made quite a few trip back and forth this weekend.  Certainly it is good training for all those times we will have to do those kind of trips.  Come Sunday evening we were tired, but it was a good and satisfying tired. 

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