Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Serious

I am so serious about hiring out to property owners who've had difficulty selling their places.  Once again Roy and I have found ourselves viewing property and considering it only to be told the day after seeing it, the property went under contract.  This has happened about 7 times so far.  Now either we have really good taste or God is speaking loud and clear and we seem to be a tad dense contemplating that just maybe that's not the place.  Seven is a holy number, at least it wasn't 6 properties.  I'm taking a break from the whole search thing this week.  There is one place that I really like, so probably it only has a half of contract on it that Roy likes OK.  We make a good team.  He sees the potential problems and what needs to be avoided.  I see past the decorations and limitations to what could be.  Tonight, I am going to draw a diagram, and you all might want to pray about this and the ensuing interpretation of said diagram, for Roy to see what I see.  No, I don't see dead people but the way I draw, stick people is my best thing art wise,  and will need a lot of imagination and true description.  That contract is as good as done on that property if I am half way successful in getting Roy to see the advantages. 

We do have peace about the process and we are very fortunate we don't have an unreasonable looming deadline to buy.  I can see now the grace of God giving me Isiah 40, waiting on the Lord, as my verse for the year.  After several years of life draining out strength, I'm excited for renewed strength from the Lord.  So, we continue onward, no binging but lots of purging. We have also been considering whether to sell furniture we won't be moving with us or give it away.  We are leaning toward giving it away especially to college students, young singles or marrieds that might need a piece here and there as they get started on their life journey.  When it comes time for that I will be posting pictures on Facebook and even maybe here on the blog.  We aren't that far along yet. 

Last night we went to a Super Bowl Party and had so much fun.  I'll be posting pictures later.  Today I went to the funeral of a dear friend's mother.  What a powerful service and I am happy to be able to claim that my life was dearly and deeply touched by Jody Unruth. 

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