Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weather Related Fun and Pancakes

Once again winter weather is shutting down Houston.  Choir and all Wednesday night activities are now cancelled.  Guess it is better to be safe than sorry.  I'm upset that I did my grocery shopping early this morning while it was pouring rain.  The place was nearly empty and no one knew we would have to panic shop this afternoon because lord knows we have already run out of everything we just bought for the last bout of wicked weather coming this afternoon.  Oh well...  I had the brilliant idea of loading up a grocery cart with...uh, how do I say this...male birth control packages and then do my grocery shopping while telling everyone that it could be a cold blast that could last at least 24 hours and they'd better stock up.  Then maybe, just maybe, they would be wondering why my grocery cart is filled with prophylactics?  But ding, dang it, they keep those things behind locked glass doors.  So there went my perfect fun at the grocery store plan.  Oh, I would have been a good person and put everything back where I found it and would only purchase my food items. 

This morning I had to get out into the dark, cold, rainy morning for a Doctor appointment.  Afterwards, I had planned on going to the old regular stop, Buffalo Grille.  Everyone else must have had the same plan because the parking lot was full, so I decided to do something new and go to the La Peep that has opened near by.  They have cinnamon-sugar pecan pancakes and I just have to share, they are so good!  They even make them with whole wheat, which makes them a tad healthier, but the buttermilk ones are the best.  Tony, my waiter, saw my indecision and offered to have 2 buttermilk and 1 whole wheat made.  Delicious with the French Roast coffee.  So, for now, I think I have found a pretty good substitute for the pecan pancakes from Pappasito's. 

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