Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hurrican Preparation, Uh... I Mean Snow Storm Preparation

Some people love the excitement of the mall on Black Friday.  Others love to be involved in the day after Christmas hoopla.  Me?  Well I love going to the grocery store and participate in panic buying for storm preparation.  Only the snow is only supposed to last one day but the nevertheless, that didn't stop shoppers hoarding, I mean storing up goods.  Many at the Kroger were a bit puzzled on really what to buy.  The silly ones were the people loading up on bottled water.  Others debated on purchasing ice...uh, put your stuff outside, it will stay frozen in 19 degree temperatures.  The parking lot and the procurement of a cart had the feel of Tuesday night Bible study in the church parking lot.  It is that sense of I'm going to beat you to that space, then grab a basket because there aren't any carts in the store, every man for himself.  Really for a snow storm it seems that comfort food would be the thing to purchase.  Stuff from the bakery, chip aisle, maybe some fruit and the bakery.  Oops, bakery got the double mention, but that's because baked goods are an important part of Snowmaggeden 2011.  Now why I like going to panic buy at the grocery store?  I like to get things stirred up a little.  Like fake talking into my cell phone loud enough for other shoppers to hear something like, "should I buy bananas?  They just told me these were the last load delivered to Houston for maybe a week.  You should have seen the run on the bananas.  I did the same thing in the store bakery area.  Of course I did that after picking up some cinnamon rolls for our anticipated snowed in status tomorrow.  I also picked up some Goode Company Bar B Que for dinner tonight.  Now I'm home and in for the duration.  I do have snow boots ready in case we get snow.  I've also worn my new winter coat that was deeply discounted on  I thought I would buy it for next year.  Score!

Already schools and businesses plan to be closed tomorrow.  What if the snow doesn't come like how projected paths of a hurricane lands far South or East and everyone has lost a productive work or school day?  When that happens it only sets up for failure for another emergency at a different time.  The thought being, fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, you have to come to school or work even when there is 7 inches of rain pooling on the highways and byways. 

Today we haven't experienced any rolling black outs like we did yesterday.  I was so healthy and took the stairs here at home and shunned the elevator in case one rolled our way.  Laurie M and I met for lunch at The Bistro yesterday and The Nord didn't experience any black outs but we must have had several more happen here at home.  All the appliance clocks and settings were flashing.  Last night before Roy and I went to sleep, he put flashlights in all the rooms so we would be ready.  That insured the stop of rolling black outs.  We were too prepared. 

I had high hopes for a town house on Briar Forest that I liked.  Roy met the agent last night to look it over.  He was dreading telling me the news of what he had found and didn't think this was a place for us.  No, I was happy he found all that. Been there and done that before.   I tend to get emotionally involved where as he takes the tedious check and recheck approach to anything and everything that could be wrong.  I do notice the widths of stairwells and whether our furniture would be difficult to be moved to a second floor.  Now he is going to go look at 2 town homes on Chatsworth that I looked at the other day.  I'm so glad we are not in a hurry. 

Hope all my Houston friends are ready to hunker down for the snow day ahead. 


Jennifer said...

You were one of the ones I was getting irritated at in the grocery store during lunch today, huh? There were people just standing in the middle of the aisle discussing what kind of chili they make. Really, people, just get your can of tomato sauce and move on! I was just there to get stuff to make cookies, because you have to have sweets if we are going to be stuck inside for a day!

Nancy Mon said...

No, no! I was trying to get people moving by giving suggestions for what they needed to buy. I was there just picking up a few things I had on my list. Well, the cinnamon rolls were not on the list but like you said, you have to have sweets if you're stuck inside for a day. :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Something else we have in common.....I love the panic at the store when they say snow or bad weather her.....We have been in all week...and I have loved having nothing I had to out here tomorrow....