Monday, November 28, 2011

Hyper, Cyber Monday

Roy has Celebration practice tonight.  So it is just Buddy and me for the next couple of hours.  It is a fireplace kind of night and for the first time, I turned on the heater for the house.  We didn't explode so all is well.  Last Monday Stevie was able to do my highlights and I went back today for a haircut.  Afterwards I met Kathleen for lunch.  Then I made a quick stop at The Nord Rack and Target.  Fighting fatigue, I headed home.  I've taken it easy since arriving.  One thing I wanted to do today is put up the wreath on our gate.  Finally found where we put the D batteries so I was able to add the red bow and hang the wreath.  It looks beautiful. 

We didn't make it to church yesterday and we didn't even turn on the web cast.  I slept like a teenager till 10:00 am, but age reality hit once I got out of bed.  We didn't even feel like going out to lunch and the take away on going out is, we could have beat all the church people to Fuddrucker's.  (Roy was hungry for a hamburger)  Instead, since it was so cold and windy, I made Taco Soup.  It was delicious. 

This morning, once again, I tried for the smokey eye look.  Once again, no success.  I've decided I can achieve the sunny to partly cloudy look at best.  I read all the instructions and watched the video...eye makeup still looks the same.  Oh well, guess the trendy make-up looks aren't for me. 

Since I didn't participate in Black Friday, I participated in Cyber Monday.  Found a few deals that were too hard to decline.  The UPS man is going to love us. 

Since Roy is at practice, I will be setting the garbage out tonight.  Just went through the kitchen and got rid of all the leftovers from Friday.  We had the fam to lunch after my mom's memorial service.  It was a rather nice way to finish the day.  All week since I knew the family was coming I would think, oh, can't wait to show_______ to Mom.  Sadly, too soon I realized it would be the family but mom would be absent.  Hey, she is present with the Lord, so I know she is not complaining. 

My mom's service was sweet and rather different.  The family arrived at the cemetery before 10:00.  We were escorted to her grave site.  The preacher guy asked if we had a song that our family liked to sing.  Mind went blank, actually both Doug and I thought of songs, but they weren't really songs appropriate for the occasion.  We decided on Amazing Grace.  Can't go wrong with that song.  After my dad placed my mom's ashes into the ground, we sprinkled sand on top of the vault and then watched the men fill in the square hole, can holes be square?  I also know it's hip to be square...anyway, we watched in silence with a few tears shed.  We went back to the chapel building and began welcoming friends.  Once it was 11, we formed a line of cars and returned to the site.  My brother and I said a few things about my mom.  It was interesting we hit upon some of the same qualities but we both mentioned things that the other one didn't.  Lisa P sang He Touched Me and John Butler said a few words.  He is the preacher guy.  He did something that was rather surprising and he hadn't told us he was going to do this, he ended the service by opening up the floor, but out there it would be the astro turf carpet, to anyone who wanted to say a few words about my mom.  My insides did a huge jump.  In reality most of the people there were my friends and most of them had never met my mom.  I think my dad either made the decision for that not to begin or he misunderstood what John said.  My dad stood up and thanked everyone for coming.  Whew...those, is there any comment times really throw me for a loop.  One should never concede control of the floor.  I am happy that both Doug and I got through our prepared words without crying.  I am so thankful for my friends that came to the service.  It means so much to me.  The cards, emails and Facebook messages have been so encouraging.  God's peace and presence was there on Friday.  His peace has surrounded me this past month when this journey began.  I thought I would have heart monitor readings all over the place, but even in the most difficult moments and decisions, His peace and grace sustained. 

Saturday and Sunday I went through all the Christmas boxes very slowly.  So much of our Christmas decorations came from my mom.  She either brought them home from trips or she made them.  There were some tear-filled moments as I went through everything.  Saturday I stopped when I found a shoe box filled with Barbie outfits that my mom had made.  I decided I had looked through enough things for one day.  My mom's legacy is found in the little details of life, through the things, people and events she loved. 

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The Rabe's said...

1. The Nord is my new BFF.
2. My dad is a wise man in celebration. Can't wait to see it!
3. I only achieve the smoky eye look when I am lazy and leave my make-up on overnight.