Monday, January 23, 2012

Convoy or Erie Canal, You Be the Judge

What is it with hair appointments and eye doctor appointments?  Both of them seem to require a nap after the appointment.  This morning I had my annual eye check up with Dr. Yankelove.  No, I did not make up his name.  He's a great opthomologist and the process of getting an eye exam is so organized.  This time since I had a coupon for half off, I went with the MAP and limited eye dilation.  That is so the way to go.  My eyesight has barely changed since last year and everything is looking healthy inside my I spy with my little eye, eyes.  A couple of years ago when the doctors discovered that the virus that had attacked my heart had also attacked my pancreas, that made my vision go south in a big hurry.  It was as if it had changed overnight and literally it did.  Since that time my vision has improved and they feel like my eyes are out of harm's way and today that was confirmed.  PTL!  Not having the regular type of dilation made picking out frames much easier.  After the appointment I called Roy and announced boldly, that with this limited dilation, I didn't even feel that I would need a nap later in the afternoon.  Ha ha ha...I was so very wrong.  Usually, since my eyes are dilated, lunch is next door at Collina's.  Since I was finished a little before 11, I went to Le Peep for brunch.  Oh cinnamon pecan pancakes how I have missed you!  Then I headed back to the prairie with a Target run on the way home. 

Both morning and afternoon trips in the Ranch de Five, I feel like I have been surrounded by a mini van convoy.  It was frightfully Erie.  OK, I totally know I used the wrong Erie in the previous sentence.  I am not trying to say that it was frightfully Erie, like on the Erie Canal, but I cannot remember and spell check isn't being very helpful in giving me the correct word.  Sure I could use another similar descriptive word, but dang it, I am hung up on using Erie.  Has word gotten out about my dislike of mini vans because almost everyone who drives one, thinks they are driving a Greyhound bus?  Those mini vans had me boxed in.  Two ahead of me, one to the side of me, thus I could not change lanes, and three mini vans behind me.  I was really getting impatient with the whole slowed down, I am driving a bus mentality.  In fact I sang out a few of the only words I could remember from that trucking convoy song of long ago...CONVOY!  Then I got to thinking and yes, I am getting ready to go all spiritual on you, that maybe these slow moving mini vans were like some kind of guardian angels and by only going 25 mph just might be keeping me from a speeding ticket.  Maybe it was just the timing of my trips.  I left for the appointment right after school had started and my return trip just happened to be right before school lets out. 

So to get to the point I was writing about in the first paragraph, when I got home I felt as if I had been drugged.  My eyes were heavy laden and my energy level low...only thought being...must.take.nap.  It was heavy sleep in nap time.  I only hope I can fall asleep tonight.  Those limited dilation drops and the yellow dye drop did me in.  Or maybe it could have been the carb laden pancakes?  I don't know, but I feel refreshed and ready to go out and eat dinner.  Never mind the Target purchases that need to be put up, I will think about that tomorrow.  After all, tomorrow is another day.


becky said...

I think you were thinking of "eerie" when you were writing. I do that too sometimes....just go blank etc. It goes with great minds!! Don't worry...think the reader will know what you meant. Have a good day!!!

courtney said...

Shall I call you Scarlett?