Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Quiet Saturday Night

It's lovely.  Sitting at home on a Saturday evening.  Both Roy and I are down for the count and we are fading quickly.  Ah youth, where have you gone?  Yesterday, I went from thing to thing to thing with very little down time in between and that caught up with me today.  Since we overslept this morning, I didn't make it to the Saturday addition of choir camp.  We pulled into the BWC for a later type breakfast and then made a quick Home Goods and Target run.  We returned home to work on a couple of projects and then ran a few more errands.  WE stopped in an antique store that I have only been to once or twice.  We came away with the mother load of antique tools, at really good prices.  Instead of filling the wood toolbox I found in Rosemary Beach with flowers, I decided to fill it with things that that the tool box was originally intended to be used for. Old tools in shops are usually found among other things and on the floor.  So glad that Roy has good knees and can pull things out for me to view. Once all our errands were done, we arrived back home with a delicious take out pizza in hand and we have lazed around watching football games.  My tiredness has not been physically but sleepily.  I think I could have come back home after breakfast and gone right to sleep. 

Yesterday morning I went to my dad's home.  He had a couple of things he wanted to discuss and as I suspected, the topics were not new.  They are things we have discussed many, many, a whole lot of times.  Early on when it is noticeable that he is going to go on that same track, I interrupt and say something to the effect, you've told that to me before or you have discussed this in depth many oh so many times. He just ignores me and goes right on.   It takes so much emotionally to keep the conversation on track and have some bit of productivity to it.  It was really sweet that he had gone to the little bakery at the end of the street and bought us cherry turnovers.  Like I really should be eating one of those things, but for the sake of family unity, I ate mine, only for the greater good. 

On the way home I stopped for a few things in the land of sugar.  I would have done this on Monday, but rain and the threat of more flooding cancelled those plans.  Got home and had a little minute to rest and then I was out the door at 4:00 with Peggy.  We were meeting friends for dinner before choir camp at church.  What a totally fulfilling evening.  We sang, we laughed, we shared, we worked and we did it all to glorify God.  I love being back with the choir, the choir family.  What joy!

I made the Christian bookstore run this week, hitting both Mardel and Lifeway.  We got a Lifeway catalog in the mail which included a 30% off any regular priced Christian item in the store.  So, there are non Christian things in a Lifeway store?  Maybe it was a veiled reference to the new edition of the NIV, I have no clue, but the coupon struck me as rather funny.  I got the last set of James audio CDs of the Beth Moore Bible study.  I'm looking forward to listening to them going back and forth into Houston. 

I am trying to get things cleared and cleaned for bunko Monday night.  I'm hosting the Katy group. 

Buddy has settled in on my lap and it is making typing rather difficult.  So that's all for a Saturday night. 

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