Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Lovely Way to Spend a Weekend

We've enjoyed two days of wonderful January weather.  No really!  Actually, Friday wasn't half bad either.  I went to the eye doctor to pick up my new glasses and took the opportunity to have brunch at Le Peep.  On my way back home I heard from Peggy and she wanted to know if I wanted to go shopping or eat.  Called her and we decided to go look at the gift shop at Brookwood and look at a few shops in Fulshear.  Only, I had to stop at Hobby Lobby first because I think that is where I found the wheat grass looking stuff,  Brookwood has lots of cute spring decor out.  Peggy bought some plants and I contemplated a few things in the gift store.  Yesterday, Roy and I had breakfast at Otto's since we got a late start because of Buddy's mani/pedi appointment with the vet.  The farmer's market was out again at La Centerra and after eating we did a walk through.  This time there was actual produce!  Got some home grown tomatoes and some spun cinnamon honey that tastes like red hots.  Had some on my toast this morning, not the tomatoes but the honey, and it was delicious. 

Last night we went to Taste of Texas with David and Emily and 100's of our closest friends.  We even went at senior citizen time of 4:30 and it was rather crowded even then.  Is there ever a bad meal at Taste of Texas?  I think not.  Better than the food was the conversation and laughs.  Since we started dinner so early it was close to 7:00 when we left.  Ah, the night was still young.  So we went to Barnes and Noble before heading back out to the prairie.  Once we got home Roy began working on some things at the computer.  He ended up having to call HP support for a problem he was having with a DVD.  He said it was after midnight when he came to bed.  He is our official wake-er upper and he overslept this morning.  Thus, I did too.  So, we took a sabbatical Sunday.  We went early to lunch to beat all the Katy church crowd and headed back Brookwood way.  He needed to take more pictures for his homework assignment in his photography class.  How convenient!  He could take pictures and I could go back and get the things I looked at on Friday.  Roy also suggested we make a trip out to the Katy Prairie Conservatory for Birds.  So after Brookwood we headed over to Brookshire and farther North past Dewberry Farm.  The last part of the drive was on rocks and we had just had the car washed on Saturday, so I suggested he come back at sunrise one Saturday to find all the birds he wanted to take pictures of.  Funny, we were doing the very same thing today that I hated as a child, the dreaded Sunday afternoon drive.  We saw lots of cows, rice fields, birds and did I mention cows?  Oh and some beautiful horses.  Once we got back home, I was ready for a nap.  After getting a few winks in, I joined in the good fight against weeds.  Roy and I got up a lot of the bigger ones that have slowly been taking over our backyard.  We focused on some of the smaller ones in the front yard.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a weekend. 


The Rabe's said...

I love that y'all venture out past Katy to Brookshire. I grew up not far from there and it is so quiet and peaceful. Probably some great photo ops.

Jennifer said...

Did you eat at Otto's that was on Memorial? We used to love eating there for breakfast until they closed. Did they move somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Your hubby is so fortunate to be able to take photography classes! I have taken a very basic intro class, would love to take more but they are not offered.