Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Once Again, Avoiding Homework

It's Tuesday and once again I find myself doing everything but Revelation homework.  Once I get into it, I love answering the questions or if I don't understand what the answer to the question might be, I just use a ? and maybe come back to it later.  Since it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow, I hit the grocery store this morning.  Since returning home, I've been busy hanging all kinds of accoutrement's in the laundry room and in my reading room.  I also rearranged the mantel since a few things have been added to make the mantle all things springish.  Love the red iron gate I found at K T Antiques.  It is the centerpiece of the mantle.  Friday afternoon kind of looked like Christmas around here.  I think the UPS and Fed Ex deliveries were about 2 minutes apart.  I finally found a picture for over the bed in the guest room and it was in the massive bunch of boxes sitting in front of the door. 

How many of y'all are watching Downton Abbey?  I missed the first season but have the DVDs to get caught up and it doesn't seem too difficult to follow coming in on the second season.  Sunday night I was flipping between Downton Abbey and Mob Wives.  Talk about conflicting culture.  Basically, the same problems of comparison, gossip, getting along, misunderstandings, love, and talking things out take place on both shows, but the way the people of 1919 deal with these problems and the ways of  21st century language include massive bleeping out of cuss words on Mob Wives, sets itself apart from the genteel.  You can't confuse the two for sure.  Masterpiece Theater must balance out Mob Wives, Toddlers and Tirara and Dance Moms.  We have recently discovered Cajun Pawn Stars and we've gotten a kick out of that show.  Doesn't it seem like I really, really need to be doing my Revelation homework instead of discussing the fine high brow entertainment we fill the evenings with?

I find it oddly disturbing that advertisers know what I have been shopping for online and those things are running on the sides of websites reminding me of what I had been interested in at one time.  Things from the Levenger catalog and from One Kings Lane website have been showing up.  Williams Sonma and Pottery Barn send follow up emails to see if I am still interested in nesting tables.  Yes, but I refuse to pay such high shipping and handling charges.  I'll takes me chances on finding something in person.

OK, I better go and do homework. 


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am with you on the high shipping costs...I wont pay them....

marty h said...

We love Downton Abbey. We saw last year and are into this year too. You are so funny with the Mob Wives. Sometimes I am so happy to not have cable. Now get the Revelation done, girlfriend. See ya tonight.