Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Storms, Online Bill Paying and These are a Few of My Non Favorite Things

I am happy to report we survived Wicked Weather, Severe Storm, and the most boring soccer, I mean football game...ever...!  We root for LSU but after half time Roy paced and coached from the living room, but nothing helped the Tigers.  Alabama rolled and rolled again. Geauxrolling on the river.    Reading Twitter updates on the quarterback Jordon Jefferson and LSU have been quite funny.  Did you know that the football team had a difficult time getting into Baton Rouge?  There was a 50 yard line painted on I-10.  I had a feeling LSU wouldn't win.  Alabama had much more to play toward and prove but the real reason is, Baylor and the Texans won, so you couldn't expect the Trifeccta. 

Yesterday morning was quite a morning.  The rumbles of distant thunder didn't even do justice for the coming storms.  The rain was so thick I couldn't even see the fence.  Hail dropping so quickly out of the sky and I was a little fearful that the hail would break a window.  The electricity stayed on through the whole ordeal, only flickering once.  Of course Dish Network goes out at the drop of rain, so I followed the storm's path on the computer.  Since rain has been scarce in these parts, I'm not too sure of what roads flood around here.  Now you might be wondering, why would you even think about flooded streets?  Because I had a hair appointment in the land of sugar at 10:00 am.  A much needed haircut in the land of sugar...and the hard rain had passed, so I figured I could head on over for the haircut and then lunch with friends.  I now have the answer to what roads flood and I'm ever so thankful that I didn't get close enough to the high water to do any damage to Sequisha cause if I did I would have to rename her Sequish-a..  Had to make the call and cancel my appointment.  BUT...they had a 1:00 appointment and hope against hope the rain and the floods would be long gone out of town.  So, of course I came home and watched flood coverage.  TV was working again...and all the stations were covering this breaking news.  If I could have only found one of those reporters when I was trying to get to the salon.  They for sure would have interviewed me because my hair was looking oh so yea-hoo and bad.  That's what gets you on the news, being a strange looking person, with bad hair and an opinion that can only be expressed in a loud, colloquial filled voice.  "I done never seen no flood like uh this one...you know what I mean?  Like I called the con-sta-bil office and deported the news that all the roads were done covered with water and no way to get to the 1093.  You know what I'm talking about?"  Once again a little after noon I made my way to the land of sugar.  Success...that is until 99 an highway 90 cross.  Flooded, high water, detour to 1464.  I almost gave up ever finding my way to highway 6 but finally found it and was only 5 minutes late for my appointment.  Good to know, I found the new Skeeter baseball stadium by going that way.  Roy's bus out of downtown was running really, really late and it finally arrived, only to miss the exit to the Park and Ride.  Roy emailed to see if I needed anything from downtown Katy because this guy was so off the normal route.  Wicked weather and wild water can do that to you.

Bible study begins this week and we were given four weeks off and advised not to wait till the last minute to do the homework.  Well, I am cramming five days of homework into an afternoon.  Lots of rereading Revelation 12.  We stopped right in the middle of the chapter before the break. 

I am painfully trying to pull myself into the 21 century in the realm of bill paying.  You know, online?  I've done ok but somehow in the midst of the holidays, my mom's passing, having Roy home for nearly two weeks and disrupting my regular routine, I overlooked paying a bill, the Exxon bill.  It was a whopping $46.00.  I'm four days late, hey Jesus was four days late arriving at Bethany and looked what happened!  Lazarus was raised from the dead.  Anyway, they called me on my cell phone today but they didn't want to talk with me, they wanted to talk with Roy.  That was fun telling Roy that I couldn't think of any reason why Citibank would be calling him on my cell phone.  So, he called them, they told him the problem and he gave his permission for them to talk with me about the $46.00, that I actually had already paid this morning online.  Loved it when they talked really fast telling me that now that I can talk to them about this account, I too am legally responsible for paying the bill.  Yea, ok...do you want my confirmation number for the account that I paid this morning?...No...they wanted to know if there was any reason why Mr. Mon didn't pay the bill.  Well, because his technology handicapped wife, didn't go online and pay the stupid thing.  Then I did it...I didn't want to but I threw the my mother died card.  Yea...shouldn't have.  Anyway once the dollars post to the account I can call back and they will waive the late fee...  The person I talked to was really nice over all but took that condescending tone of, "do you want us to send you a paper statement so that you and your addled brain can keep up with fiduciary responsibilities?"  I politely declined that generous offer. 

Roy will be happy, I fixed dinner tonight and the lovely people at Whole Foods in the land of sugar made the cornbread.  I also bought a cinnamon baubka only due to the fact of a Seinfeld episode and the chocolate baubka.  It is pretty good and of course I also bought it with the healthy benefit of cinnamon in mind. 

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