Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Saturday of 2012 Wrap Up

It is half time of the Texans game.  Really exciting but I am afraid to get too emotionally invested but I know I'll keep watching.  This has been a rather exciting week and when I have time to give more thoughts to the happenings and don't have to hurry and get everything written before Roy gets home from the gym. 

Mostly Roy and I rearranged the sitting room this morning.  Ah the sustenance from the Black Walnut Cafe gave us extra strength.  Later in the afternoon we took some stuff to Katy Christian Ministries and made our first stop of the new year at K T Antiques.  I did not come away disappointed.  I've been looking for old tools to artfully and artistically put in an old wooden tool carrier I found at Rosemary Beach in May.  I've had flowers in it and it has sat on the dinning room table, but with spring coming I decided to go with a flowery theme for the table and the manly rustic theme for the tool box in front of the fireplace.  Roy helped me today pick out some interesting tools and to start our collection.  I also found another piece of stained glass, on sale.  I'm thinking of hanging all the glass on the wall in the entry way over the pew.  Godly theme, can't go wrong with that.  I saw an old church offerening basket on a stick that I liked a lot but Roy wasn't too crazy about it.  I will probably go back next week and get it. 

Even though I am an old lady I was so blessed watching the Passion 2012 live stream both from the teachings and from the actions of those young college students.  Wow! 

I went to my first memorial service yesterday since my mom's passing.  I really didn't give any thought to it affecting me, but it did.  My friend's mother was just a year older than my mom and the pictures of her life contained the same kind of clothes and hairstyles that my mother wore through the years.  Tears came and when Cindy sang the Andre Crouch song, To God Be the Glory, it hit me even harder.  That was one of my mom's favorite songs.  I had the album and she played it all day long while I was at school. 

Sounds like the game might have started, so this is it for today. 

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