Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Thursday Thoughts

Quiet evening out here on the prairie.  Roy got home, grabbed some dinner which I opened, plated and then heated up.  That counts as cooking right?  It should, I went to the store,  microwaved it and then presented dinner in the buffet style.  Roy gobbled down dinner with a little bit of conversation.   He brushed his teeth, kissed me goodbye and I'm personally glad it was in that order and has gone to his photography class.  He is taking a break from the one offered by Spring Branch and is branching out in attending the one in Cinco Ranch. 

Today was brunch day at Bible study.  At first, I wasn't a fan of the monthly brunch but this year it is a favorite thing.  There are some great cooks in our core group and we really enjoy one another's company.  Our ages range from newly married to oldly marrieds.  Our discussion of the antichrist and the beast from Revelation 13 was deep and interesting.  So glad I had actually sat down and did the homework.  This afternoon our core group leader emailed me letting me know that I hadn't missed as session yet and I believe in the fall I chose Bible study over the opening of the Nord Rack in the land of sugar. 

The construction noise around here is almost deafening.  So instead of coming home to sound of framing and the laying of water pipe, I decided to drive the back way over to Brookwood.  It is a beautiful drive and the scenery looked like a cold, winter day but probably the look is due to the drought, not dormant trees waiting for the beginning of spring.  I turned off the radio and drove in silence.  Refreshing!  Then I shopped a little at Brookwood and headed back home going a different, but as scenic route.  The quiet soothed my soul.  Really, after reading and discussing all the horrors that are coming in the Tribulation, it was a respite and a moment to be grateful to the Lord for His handiwork and the beauty of the earth.

I stayed up way too late last night.  Peggy and I rode together to choir.  We left a little earlier than usual because she needed to get into the costume closet at church.  Some churches have a crisis closet, but we have a fun and well locked closet of fun and biblical outfits.  She is working fervently on Chilly Bowl for the cast, orchestra and choir.  Choir practice was awesome, maybe even amazing, amazing.  The Pastor shared with us that someone in the 9:30 service had anonymously given generous funds to help with the choir mission trip in June.  We rejoiced at this welcomed news.  It was kind of funny that after the Pastor had shared this and left that John chose the choral arrangement of Jesus Paid it All to be the next piece we worked on.  I don't even think he thought about the timing of it.  After choir, Peggy met with those in Chilly Bowl and we ended the evening at church visiting with friends.  Rides home after choir are much more fun with Peggy.  I was so wired when I got home and couldn't settle down.  So I watched the latest DVR'ed episode of Toddlers and Tiaras and then some Dance Moms for good measure.  Getting up this morning, difficult and with additional time needed to fix a salad for brunch, I was a tad late for Bible study. 

Yesterday was a wrap on therapist sessions of working through the process of my mother's death and some of the after shocks that accompany loss. No, I don't think a couple of hours is enough to deal with a loving lifetime of a dear mother.   I'm so glad that many years ago a call and visit to Cheryl  began the journey to deal with another kind of loss and so much discussion and hard work tracks had been laid down.  I cannot say enough good things about going to a good, Christian therapist.  She has saved my life from lots of unnecessary burdens and taking ownership of emotions and jobs that were never mine in the first place.  It was a good session yesterday and we booked an appointment several months down the road if there is any dangling loose ends that haven't been resolved.  After the appointment, it just seemed right to make a visit and pay my respects to the play grocery store.  I headed back to the prairie after several other errands.  Found a jewelery store in old Katy to get some watch batteries replaced and made a major mistake of stopping in HEB after school has let out.  My is not the place to be.  It felt a little chaotic and frazzled on the aisles. 

That's it.  If you have made it all the way through this post, congratulations!  Now if you have insomnia this week, return to this post and it should do the trick and put you right to sleep. 

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