Saturday, March 9, 2013

Love Shares Their Biltmore Grits

There's nothing like a late night clean out of the pantry when searching for a package of stone ground grits from the Biltmore.  In addition to finally finding the grits we were also able to reorganize our growing addiction of Pop Chips into some semblance of order.  We also threw out some 'hurricane preparedness food that never was used and went out of date.  Hey, I would rather that than an actual hurricane.  I am not going to cry over out of date tuna. 

Why were we looking for grits at 10:00 pm?  This morning is Roy's turn to cook breakfast for the men's Bible study he attends.  He asked me a question about quick grits and a crock pot, he must think I got a new brain and not a new heart.  I responded with such compassion and kindness, Google it but I also mentioned the Biltmore grits and that got the whole thing started.  He did put those in the crock pot and they cooked overnight.  He left me a big bowl of grits on the stove but I think I will save them for later.  I like eating scrambled eggs with my grits. 

All this thinking of Biltmore grits is making me want to go on a spring jaunt to my happy place.  Since I am a pass holder, I get this neat Biltmore magazine and yes that marketing move did its work.  I want to see the beautiful flowers of spring on the estate and let's be honest, stay in the Inn, shop and eat delicious food.  But they got my attention first with the flowers. 

When Roy got home yesterday afternoon we decided to try Swampy's at lunch time.  In that little strip center is a sports grill, donut shop, Swampy's and a sandwich place.  No wonder there isn't hardly any parking in that lot in the eveings.  After a delicious lunch we went to Good Ol' Boys to pick up sausage gravy for Roy's breakfast fixin's.  We pretty much stuck around home for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  I was really tired but it was a mental type tired.  I had done a lot of research yesterday morning and my brain was on overload. 

Think we kind of had Buddy worried last night while cleaning out the pantry because I think in her cat brain it looked like we were packing.  She got rather feisty before bedtime and she hasn't done that in quite a while.  She got the Buddy big eyes and that doesn't bode well for me.  My feet were under attack and I knew if this continued when we got in bed she would attack my head.  Remember she rips the faces off her stuffed animals.  I think she put herself in time out because when she finally came to bed, she slept on her blanket at the foot of the bed.  So the three of us are falling asleep and Roy says to me, out of the blue, I quit drinking diet sodas after 6:00 pm and I don't get up and go to the bathroom during the night.  Good grief, where did that odd statement come from and why?  It was more for 'suggestion' than interesting information on the habits and choices of Roy.  I told him I could not have had anything to drink for two days and I would still get up at least once in the night.  I woke him up this morning at 5:11 am to let him know I had made it through the night and just now needed a trip and I had drank a Diet Coke right before going to bed.  I think why this kind of gets on my nerves, no it doesn't kind of, it did get on my nerves is I don't like lecture conversation.  You know the conversation that happens where it is more important to make your point to said person than to really understand the why of things.  It's right up there with agenda preaching, prayer used for announcements, to quiet a room or to set up a stage in my book of "nerves." 

Today's a big day in the recovery process.  I can now feel free to lift seven pounds and I'm cleared to ride the trek.  So that is the next thing on today's list of things to do.  It's overcast and in the 60's so it should be a nice morning, read into this less than an hour on the trek, for trekking.  Then I can come in and have a little snack of grits and plan the trek I really love to the hills of North Carolina. 

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