Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No Encounters of the Minivan Kind

Maybe it's because of my almost brushes with minivans yesterday but I decided to cook last night.  I picked up some fresh zipper cream peas, added some turkey sausage and veggies and you've got yourself a dinner or something.  This is actually more of a summer thing.  So instead of fixing soup or wanting cheese enchiladas, the peas won out.  I only needed some homegrown tomatoes and I would have been in business. 

So I am in the process of making vacation plans.  Last night as I was looking through options of different places I started looking at Chamber of Commerce sites.  The video that advertised one particular destination included people who had moved to the area and they hadn't planned on staying but they loved the town and almost to a person each one said we have so many churches here where you can find an abundance of new friends.  That led to look at church websites.  Most of them were really well done and made me want to just go there one Sunday but the biggest Baptist church in that town and it happened to have a First before the Baptist was so, so, so, out of it.  Their website still looked like ones from the late 90's or early 2000's.  Each and every staff minister's bio, which means all male except for admin and the preschool person, all were called Brother_________ in the descriptions of their families and schooling.  Yep, it's a Southern thing, but this went way beyond the norm.  I have a feeling this particular church is rebelliously and piously dragging themselves into the 21 century.  The number of Sunday School classes and I call them that because I don't believe the term Life Bible Study would actually work for them for the 65 and 70 year old crowd were top heavy with options but if you were younger than 65, there was only one option for your decade. I guess there aren't many young people there.  See I could go there because I used the term young people but I don't think I would like it very much. 

I certainly hope Roy isn't expecting dinner again.  No, he knows better than to hope for that.  I have requested pizza for dinner, so we'll see if he brings that home with him.

There were no major or minor brushes with minivans today.  Maybe the word is out to stay clear of me.  I'll be venturing from the prairie tomorrow to go into town and meet a friend for lunch and not just any lunch...a Nordstrom lunch.  It has been a while.  I can taste the crab stack just thinking about it. 

Had normal hair today, so no one was scared.  Good thing the circus isn't in town.  I might have been returned to the Big Top yesterday.  Looks like I have a bird fight going on at the feeder.  Better go break it up. 

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