Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saturday Night...No Fever...

M-I-C see ya real soon...K-E-Y...Why because we like you!  M-O-U-S-E.  Annette Funnicello passed away today at the age of 70.  This news saddens me yet it has brought back to mind some good memories of childhood.  I loved watching that show along with Garfield Goose, Kukla, Fran and Ollie and Romper Room.  Somewhere on one of these bookcases are a few Annette Funnicello chapter books that I've kept from childhood.  Then of course one can never forget the Beach movies with Frankie Avalon.  Maybe those California beach movies is what caused so many to move out to sunny land and then when they learned that life wasn't a beach party, they became free love hippies.  Who knows?  It sounds good.  I knew that being close to Galveston and Freeport that any beach escapades would pale in comparison to anything on the movie screen.  Let's be frank, there is not comparison to Florida beaches either. 

Saturday night I cooked dinner.  Later on, after going to bed, I awoke to that feeling of impending pukedom and if there was a countdown to make it into the bathroom before forced extraction, you'd probably only get an 8 count.  I believe I had about 4 of those 8 count experiences and Roy was only halfway awake for one of them, although our late night conversation didn't leave any kind of impression on him. In that one brief conversation I asked Roy if he would get something to help settle my stomach.  He told me to use a towel.  Yes, take two towels and call me in the morning.  Even Buddy who is usually at the end of the bed has started out her nights in the other bedroom, so I didn't have to contend with any unwanted attention from the cat, that is until my third trip.  I know that Monablog has always held to highest lady like decorum, but I think I puked everything inside me down to the nail polish on my toes.  Funny the thoughts you have while delirious.   I got to thinking about a teacher who subbed for Dena several years ago and the question she asked several times to us: "We all remember what happened on the plains of Dura?  Come now, the plains of Dura?"  Insert cricket noise and deer in the headlights look.  Uh, no could we have a hint?  Didn't we remember Shadrak, Meshak and Abendigo?  Well yes, but none of us knew it happened on the plain of Dura.  So while I was trying to not think about throwing up, I was singing to myself;
I met him on a Sunday and my heart stood still
a Dura run, a Dura run.
Somebody said his name was Neb
a Dura run, a Dura run.
Yes, my heart stood still, not worshipping him on that hill
and the furnace he threw me in, it was in
a Dura run, a Dura run....

On the third and fourth trip Buddy accompanied me.  She sat beside me and I choose to believe her meowing was encouragement, not the real fact that she wanted me to give her some treats.  At long last I was able to return to bed and stay there.  But wait!  The early morning wasn't over because just as I was falling asleep watching Buddy sit on Roy, Roy yells out in his sleep, this isn't happening on my watch!  Scared Buddy back over to me and there we all slept until 6:45.  Since Roy hadn't any recollection of my night, he wakes me up to get ready for church.  I didn't feel like going AT ALL, but I also knew if I didn't go that I might not ever go again.  We have missed so many Sundays with my pre and post surgery.  It was tough going and it didn't help when Pastor Gregg preached on three people you'd like to have dinner with.  Just the thought of food sent me over. 
Even though I had mild Mexican food last night, nothing but bland sounds good to me.  Crackers at lunch and Roy just grilled hamburgers.  I don't know if I am up to those but will give it a try. 

***Next morning report, I wasn't up to hamburgers and only took a few bites.****  I knew you would be in suspense all day if I didn't let you know that.  

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