Friday, April 12, 2013

Seems to be All About Food

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday, overcast skies with bouts of rain, sometimes falling at a constant and then the drizzle that keeps streets and cars a dangerous mess.  Today, we celebrate such a beautiful afternoon bright dazzling sun and cool temps without all the blustery wind we've experienced for the past few days.  I really should go out and feed the birds but I think I will do that in the morning since that is the main gathering time for the doves. 

I tried to catch up with life and errands yesterday afternoon while being out of the house for Chris.  Not everything got taken care of because I called Peggy in the midst of a Target run to see if she wanted to eat a late lunch/early dinner at BWC.  She was up for it and I was glad.  I brought stuff to work on but BWC is so much better with friends.  I punted on going to choir.  I shouldn't have but the drive in to Houston in the rain, even with a friend just didn't cast any appeal.  Instead I worked on a few things and then watched Duck Dynasty. 

Today was brunch day at Bible study.  We opted for Ruthie's because we had love ladies and had several out, but we had more there than I had anticipated which is great.  Gena, my former core group leader, was me today since I had been sick on Tuesday.  It felt like old times as she led us along.  We were having such a wonderful time talking and discussing, we got a personal visit from the Assistant Teaching Director letting us know we were really, really, very late in getting into teaching time.  Hey, that never happens when I am facilitating...  We had a great time at lunch and then those of who didn't have to go pick up kids at noon sat around and visited for a while. 

Well, now it is a beautiful Friday afternoon.  Think I will go out and put some plants in the flowerbeds after dinner.  We are having delicious pot pie that Margaret G made for us.  Oh my goodness, we feel like we are being treated like royalty.  I got an email from Gena today remarking on what a wonderful core group I have this year and I second that.  I am so blessed by these insightful, caring, funny women who love studying the Word as well as having a few laughs along the way.  I think we only have about 4 weeks left.  I will be able to say that my first year as a core group leader was so awesome because of many things, but because of this group and we jelled from the very first day. 

Last night we went out to dinner with friends to Bonefish Grill.  Defiantly returning there for dinner again.  We had a window booth right off the water.  Good friends, good food and a good view.  It was all good last night.  Tori is the one who gave me my shot the night before surgery.  She did it better than the nurse. 

Today I met Dena over at her builder and kept her company for her pre-construction meeting.  They have already started working on the lot getting it ready for framing.  We came back over here so she could see our shutters and then we headed out to lunch at Las Almeda's.  Love their caldo loco soup!  She had to get on the road but I hung out a bit at La Centerra and found some bargains at a couple of the shops.  Emmanuel, the hair salon we go to in the land of sugar is opening a second salon here in Rancho de Five.  In fact, they are across the street from Bonefish, so we took the opportunity to look in and see what's happening.  It is going to be a beautiful shop and not only that but so much closer. 

This whole post seems to be a report on our dinning habits this week.  It didn't start out to be that way but you go with what's been happening.  Roy just got in from his Dr appointment.  He was asked if he could make breakfast in the morning for Bible study because his friend is ill.  So we've been working on fruit salad and he is going to make grits again in the slow cooker like he did before.  They won't be Biltmore grits but Sprout grits.  Think Roy has had a day so I just sent him out the door to go riding.  Perfect weather with little to no wind and sunshine.  Which is where I came in when I began this yesterday.  With all this talk of food, maybe I should pick up where I left off in the book I am reading about Julia Child. 

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