Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to You and Yours

So I am in book heaven today.  Two books were delivered this afternoon, Flora by Gail Godwin and The Little Way of Ruthie Leming by Rod Dreher.  I am going to try and save Flora for a trip I'm taking later on in the month but I started The Little Way and can already tell this is one of those books I want to read nice and slow.  I also discovered that I had totally missed out on the second edition of Gail Godwin's journal about her life and writing.  How did this happen?  She is one of my very favorite authors!  Then I remember, we were building a house and I was knee deep in my heart journey.  So guess I was a little distracted.  Amazon could get it for me but the time frame was three months.  I went to B&N's website and found the book from a used bookseller located in Richmond Texas.  Still having it mailed to me but every other used bookseller was up north.  Hopefully, even with book rate, it won't take too long.  I have several good books for summer reading and I am contemplating several re-released books from Elizabeth Spencer.  It will be a summer hopelessly lost in the south and in the Word. 

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  I miss my mom.  Yesterday, in one of my many accomplished projects I found a few things that were hers.  I doubt we go to church tomorrow, not because I never became a mother, but because it is still difficult at times to remember my mother is gone from this earth.  Several years ago our church was giving out some kind of appreciation gift for all the Mother's.  These books, I think they were books, were to be given only...ONLY to mothers.  So I guess all the ushers and usherettes had to ask each woman as they entered Big Church if they were a mom.  Come to think of it, they were probably given out in Sunday School and that is what it was called back then.  I remember saying I was like a mother to some and a spiritual mom to others but that did not qualify for me to receive a book and was told so to my face.  Really, the reason I even pursued it was for the sport and amusement and maybe the response to me was done in the same spirit.  Come on, how many freebie books and tote bags from church appreciation and retreats can people's homes contain?   Sometime after that particular Mother's Day, there were a lot of those books left over and I was given one...which I believe I left behind for the next person when I retired.

I made Roy promise me today that we will never, ever, never, ever go to Katy Mills Mall on a Saturday afternoon.  The economy is alive and well at the mall.  We needed a couple of things from Bed, Bath and Beyond and a couple of things we didn't know we needed from BB&B.  Then we went to the Polo store to find some dress pants for Roy.  He came away with three pairs of pants.  It is a rough and tumble world in the land of discounted Ralph Lauren.  It had become such a pain that I declined Roy's invitation to peruse Books a Million.  I was ready for my close up of a large Cherry Diet Coke fountain drink from the Shell station.  It was refreshing.  We came home and Roy decided he wanted to go to Sprouts and he strongly encouraged me to stay home, maybe take a nap because Sprouts on a Saturday afternoon would be just like the mall only on a smaller scale.  No problem. 

We went to Katy Cajun for lunch today.  Neither one of us had been there before and it was pretty good.  It is defiantly going on our list of places to go eat.  Roy declared the gumbo good but not as good as Willie G's. 

Well, it is Sunday, Mother's Day.  To celebrate my mom I went out to my flowerbeds and worked with the roses.  Roy and I started the morning at Otto's for breakfast.  We have been working in the garage and in the house for most of the day, except for Roy's famous grilled hamburgers.  We watched Love It or List It and tried to guess whether the people would love it or list it.  Almost everyone lists because there is always some unbudgeted thing like water damage or needing new pipes that eats away at the funds.    Our next big thing is changing out light bulbs and filters and that will mean bringing in the 9foot ladder. 

That's it for now. 

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