Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where The Boys Are

On Tuesday I got to meet the boys, Pancho, Sam and Lefty.  These are the Alpaca boys that live with my friend Bev and her husband.  They were sheared or shorn a couple of weeks ago. Their Alpaca wool is safely in storage bags that breath just waiting to be combed and spun into wool and eventually some kind of winter clothing.  If I lived in the olden days, we would have all died of consumption or something because fabric, yarn and wool are not words I use too often, you know along with those other ministry woman words such as sweet, precious, treasure, cherish...  It's kind of like my mini van disclaimer.  If you use these words a lot, that's great, but I don't usually, although a sweet just like an amazing are used in sentences that come from my mouth.  But, I have digressed.  Alpacas do not have upper teeth, just lower.  So they will keep grass clipped because they are not able to pull grass from the roots.  This is in case you ever play Alpaca Trivial Pursuit.  I was so fortunate to get the whole Alpaca show.  Bev told me that I got to see some rare Alpaca moves.  They are so beautiful and you just want to reach out and pet them but they don't liked to be touched.  Although they would eat food out of Bev's hand but anytime she tried to pet them, they made the evasive move to get out of reach.  

 This is Lefty.  See that mark on his neck, no it's not one of those things, it is from getting spit at by one of his fellow Pacas.  Maybe someone should develop an arcade game, alPACa Man....

You can see some of the bare spots with dirt and they love a good roll in the dirt.  So in the above picture no Alpacas were hurt during this photograph. 
So, here they are, the boys.  Eileen, a friend from CBS, and I think that Alpacas river dancing would be so cute.  There is a lot of training ahead if that is going to happen. 

Not only did I get to meet the boys but got to see remnants of blue bonnets and other wild flowers along the road.  The day started off right because Bev and I met for lunch at Brookwood. 

This means I had two social days in a row because on Monday several of us had brunch at BWC to celebrate a friend's birthday.  This is the first time in four years I have been able to do two social things in a row without having a nap or putting a cushion of a day in between activities.  And yesterday I was out of the house all afternoon so the housekeeper can work without dodging me.  I feel like I have earned today's "easing into the day."  Later I shall Alpaca up my bag and run some errands. 

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