Saturday, July 13, 2013

Soak, Sip, See and Sentimental

Saturday night.  Roy is out riding his trek since the temp is relatively comfortable from the brief rain that graced Rancho De Five.  We should really be working on another fun and exciting backyard project that we may or may not disagree on.  Oh, we agree the project needs to be done, we disagree in how it should be implemented.  We picked a non busy Friday afternoon to go to Lowe's and get the rest of the needed materials.  It is a tad awkward to have a discussion with almost every clerk in the store asking if we have found everything and did we need any help.  OK, when the woman clerk sided with me on what should be done, I was happy, happy, happy but when the last male clerk came up and asked us how we were doing, I regretfully said something kind of smart Aleck like and responded something like, we don't need help finding any product but we do need help on the work, style and completion of said product.  No one came up and asked us if we needed help from then on.  I apologized to Roy for making that remark to the guy.  So are you on the edge of your seat?  Do you want to know what major project we are discussing?  Get ready for the big let down, soaker hoses and soaker hose placement.  Yes, once again I make everyone jealous by the exciting life we lead.  So I relinquished my idea of how the placement of said hose should go and deferred to Roy's idea.  Yes once again the Baptist Faith and Message comes to the rescue, said me never ever.  Oh I submit but I am not going to credit a document for the decision, it's obedience to the Lord.  That and I was tired of the discussion.  My attention span was way too short for this one and I needed to rally the last bit of energy to focus on light bulbs.  Again, don't hate me because of this wild, exciting life we lead. 

Oh, Roy just got back from his ride and has gone outside to tackle the soaker hose project.  I know he will do a good job and I will have an ice cold Coke Zero for him when he comes inside. 

I really, really want to blog about the dentist in Iowa that fired his assistant because she was too cute but I think I will write about that another time.  So instead I will write about this heart monitor.  With the last one I wore in 2011, I began not wearing it at night because it is a sleep stealer but now the powers that be and I hope this data is not being followed by the government, and the high tech ability, they know when I am wearing and not wearing the monitor.  The cell phone that picks up all the data wirelessly and transfers it rats me out every time.  So alarms go off, loudly I might add and sometimes you get a phone call letting you know that they know you don't have the monitor on.  Uh, yea, so like I was taking a shower....  I may have to call them because the sticky pads are not treating my sensitive skin too kindly.  This monitor has a neck strap instead of a clip so you can see all the wires at times.  I have four electrodes on me.  Roy said he is so glad we are not flying anywhere any time soon but he has teased me that when we are out and about he just might have to yell, oh my goodness, there are wires coming out of that woman, she's wired!  And then he will hit the ground in the roll, duck and cover position that every baby boomer knows about and practiced the maneuver in elementary school.  Yes, my school desk with gum underneath it was going to save me from a nuclear bomb.  My biggest problem after surviving?  Getting the gum out of my hair. 

Today Peggy and I went to a Sip and See for our friend from CBS who had a little girl in June.  So much fun to see friends and even run into the Rachel who was the Spa Nordstrom manager back in the day about ten years ago when I was there probably, oh maybe weekly.  There were so many cute ideas and Pinterest gets all the credit and the glory.  I told Peggy we should have a non Pinterest styled party, but really that wouldn't be too big of a challenge for us. 

My friend Beth is coming back in town Thursday.  I am so excited!  She and I are going to drive over to Brenham on Friday to spend more time with our friend Mimi.  Ah, it is so good.  I have been giving thought to this and Mimi and I even touched on this in our conversation yesterday, there seems to be a completeness or a filling up with everyone getting back in touch after all these years.  Beth and I have always stayed connected but to see Mimi and Karolyn again...awesome!   There is something satisfying being with friends who knew you way back when and they validate the memories of not only having fun but being there with you in some very difficult moments and times.  And for that matter being with them in there moments.  Beth always teases me that I can remember so many things from back then and I finally figured it out.  It was one of the happiest times in my life and really, there hadn't been that many happy times before that.  I journaled and took it all in.   I even made a scrapbook that I would dig out for the occasion but alas it is in the storage locker, probably way, way back. 

I will leave you with this beautiful picture.  Over on a FB page of alumni of Albert Sidney Johnston Jr High, someone posted this picture from my senior year.   There I am wearing number 8.  It is our volleyball team picture and Beth is in the bottom left hand corner.  She was the team manager.  I think we had to climb the fence at Gooney Golf to have this picture taken.  Oh to be able to climb a fence...No, oh to be able to sit crossed legged like this again.  I can dream.....

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