Monday, July 29, 2013

The Most Boring Post of the Day...That Will Bring in the Readers for Sure!

Thursday I was knee deep into cleaning out the pantry.  On Tuesday while cleaning out junk drawers Peggy called about lunch.  I kept waiting for a phone call to rescue me from the task of cleaning and rearranging on Thursday but it never came.  We didn't really do proper organization when we last cleaned out the pantry and we knew that the baskets full of drinks wouldn't get pushed to the back of the closet. Hah!  We were wrong.  If it was out of date water, who knew, I took it outside and watered plants.  I was being all green doing that and if some plants start doing really well I can thank Smart Water and Propel water for the growth spurt.  Because I had to do to go to the pain thing Thursday night I stopped before the work was completed and resumed Friday afternoon.  We still have a shelf to work on but it can wait. 

We worked on the organizational chart of the kitchen till the generator guy came.  Roy has been investigating having a natural gas generator added to our home so that when the electricity goes off, we can keep cool and have lights.  This thing will run the whole house, with limited maintenance and we won't have to run all around town looking for gasoline to run the thing.  Generator guy was knowledgeable but very long winded.  If he hadn't left when he did I was getting ready to call our home phone and tell him the call was for him to get they guy to leave.  Roy is doing more research before we make a decision on this. 

This morning the door guy came and put a storm door on our back door.  The guy did a great job.  Our next job; to tackle moving the rug over a few inches in the family room.  It has been bugging me for months and today was the day for the move!  That lucky Roy....  Anyway, we got the rug moved and the furniture arranged a little differently and all is feeling right.  When it cools down later this evening I think we are going to trim the hedge out front.  In between all these fun chores I've read, napped and watched a bit of the Toddler & Tiaras marathon.  Oh with some WWII from the Military channel.  This is one of those Saturdays that we enjoy, where you get stuff done and off the to do list and get to relax all in the same day. 

I have been reading some fun and memorable stories on an alumni FB page.  Lots of stories on Bellaire football week and several stories of growing up.  Some of the people I remember and some not so much but all the stories are from the neighborhood.  Any reference to a particular place and I can picture it like it was yesterday. 

It is now Monday and the gripping tale of organization goes on.  The Thanksgiving/Christmas dishes are now located in one cabinet.  All paper goods are together so I don't buy more when we have people over.  I'm getting ready to tackle the china storage/I don't know where else to put this cabinet.  It's looking like I'm going to have to get onto the floor for this one.  Will keep phone handy in case I haven't fallen yet I can't get up.  I'm done for if I ever lose my upper body strength. 

We went to First yesterday to hear Afshin Zarafat.  He is always so good!  Neither one of us had any interest in going to Life Bible Study so we decided to go to Life Brunch/Breakfast study.  The none of us is Roy and me, Afshin had to stay and preach the 11:00 service.  He didn't know about brunch.  Peggy came along since Bill had to go to a work site and she needed a ride home.  We had a great breakfast and there was some Bible study going on because we discussed the gates of hell.  Two or more thing going....

When we got home I totally zonked out and took a 2 1/2 hour nap.  I was not even productive but did watch Duck Dynasty marathon and then the National Geographic special on the MOB.  Very interesting.  Since I had taken the long nap I stayed up late and watched Laverne and Shirley. 

This is the most boring post ever and maybe you can use it for sleep purposes.  These kinds of posts are mainly for me because at the end of the year I have the year's blog put into book form which makes a very nice journal of events. 

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