Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Cool Wednesday Morning

The weather that I wait for each year has come a little early and you will not hear me complaining.   Right now I am sitting in front of the fireplace, enjoying the warmth from the fire.  Last year our fireplace had a contact problem and fires were a hit and miss and then mostly a miss.  This is really nice, sitting here and writing a post with a book near by.  Not just any book but a mountain book, a story of recalled days, "In the Backwoods of Nowhere."  Buddy isn't happy about being displaced by an iPad but she has had plenty of time on my lap today.

For some strange reason my eyelids and around my eyes has been dry and painful before my trip and at the end of the trip.  I called the dermatologist and got some antibacterial cream that is doing the trick.  So no make up today but my eyes are feeling so much better.

Today, the home in NC felt even more real as we began making calls to set up appointments while we are there.  Roy contacted a person recommended to us by our Realtor who coordinates and manages property for owners when they aren't there.  We have an appointment to see her, the flooring people, A/C Heater people and the plumber.  We are looking also contacting contractors who do counter tops and back splashes.  Oh and we have a name of a painter.  It is all coming together.  Roy also solved the mystery of the false delivery from Pottery Barn.  I am not too happy with them at all and hopefully talking to Roy lets them know we mean business and are tired of all this being jerked around.  Why do they have to have furniture that fits a need and be so dang cute?   My designer here sent me some fabric samples that I am going to take with me for comparison purposes.  I had to tell her the Alabama hounds tooth is going to have to go.  Roy isn't too happy and is never too happy about the state of football between Alabama and LSU and wouldn't like the color reminder in his home.

Because we hadn't seen enough of each other lately, Dena and I grabbed some dinner last night.  We had all our high financials to talk about and neither one of us had had Mexican food since returning home.  Las Alameda's, it is good for what ails you.

I ran a million errands yesterday and still have quite a few to take care of this week.  It is tough being gone a week only for a quick turn around.  I am hoping to take some books to the Bookworm today and get store credit.  Not that I need more books or store credit but I am going to ask if I can give my store credit to someone else to use.

Tuesday has now become Wednesday morning.  It's a beautiful morning.  One of the trees on the green space that is closest to our house has leaves that are turning a fallish golden.  This tree is the first to go fall and the first to dress in light green for spring.

When we were at the Biltmore, the daylight saving time switch didn't affect us much.  For only a few hours we had to remember the time was one hour ahead because when the return to standard time happened, our watches were set for it since we live in central time zone.  Coming home it has been a different story.  Not so much being tired but at 6:00 pm it feels like 8:00 pm.

I have just about finished reading "In the Backwoods of Nowhere."  Alma, the narrator and recaller of the book tells great stories and has a wonderful memory for someone nearing 90.  Mountain life certainly was hard back in the day.  So thankful that doesn't have to be the norm today.

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